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Friday, 15 July 2011

Stress In Pre-School Children [2 to 4 years old]

Stress is commonly found these days in every individual at higher levels irrespective of their age. Parent’s interest to make their children capable to meet today’s requirement at intellectual 
Level in order to face this competitive world is responsible for stress even at this age. Children are encouraged and facilitated in all respects by parents and school management to learn alphabets,
Rhymes, songs, sentences and stories .Names of colours, fruits, vegetables, birds, animals are planned sequentially one after another in respective months in many private schools. Children are instructed to follow constant repetition of above mentioned themes, recitation and oration. Children have to listen to their narration irrespective of their willing and interest. Five out of ten children or ten out of twenty-five children lack interest to learn at same time.Tenderhands that can hardly hold any small soft toy for period of time are taught to hold slatepencil, pencil, crayon to colour, draw lines    (to join dots to learn either slanting or sleeping lines) in given time period makes children to undergo stress in order to complete their work. Home works are given to home where mothers strive hard to make the child complete it and unfortunately do the rest helplessly by their own. Many intellectual games are planned to make the child play for their physical, mental and social development but with in short period of time at school also causes stress in children. Oral recitations in a group may not always provide happiness and liberty to the child. Every child has his/her own interest. Disciplined periodical teaching with constant repetition with actions and dance, to complete their respective portion makes the child helpless and restless. This in turn causes frustration and he cries aloud with stress in his mind.
                               Philosophers like John Comenius, Friedrich Froebel, and Maria Montessori gave deep thought to the personality of the child. Maria Montessori impressed upon the parents and teachers to give freedom to the child and to be humble with children. According to her there should not be any forced efforts in their incentives of development of child for learning which causes stress in their mind instead regarding education at home and school elders should promote regular good habits with love, play at their own interest, personal hygiene and to provide nutritional food to the child for all round development of the child without stress.

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