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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Human needs: Mankind has numerous needs. When needs are met efficiently, the result ultimately is a balanced and integrated personality. The individual becomes a happy, harmonious, and productive person who is a source of gratification to society as well as to himself. When needs are not met, or when their satisfaction is delayed too long, the person may become frustrated, inhibited, and unbalanced, developing a defeated and discourages attitude that gives stress.
           Needs are classified into three categories-organic, personal, and social. Great number of needs must be satisfied or be in the process being satisfied, if a person is to live and attain mental health. It relieves stress in that person.Needs varies in their intensity from individual to individual and according to the level of maturity. Mas low classified and arranged needs in a hierarchy. Lower level needs assume priority and higher level needs become functional after lower level needs are satisfied.
 Mas low Hierarchical listing of the needs:
1. Physiological needs.
2. Safety needs.
3. Belonging needs Love needs.
4. Extreme needs.
5. Self-actualization needs
6. Aesthetic Needs.
Physiological needs: These include air, food, water, protection from injury, and relatively constant temperature. These needs for food, water and oxygen are also called primary needs. Satisfaction of these needs is very much essential even for the existence of an individual. This relieves stress. Too much food, water and oxygen can be destructive to life and health as inadequate diet, lack of water and improper ventilation gives stress hence, should be taken care.
Safety needs: They include need for protection from danger (physical and psychological), for routine, and for familiarity of environment. Man needs security of life both in economic and social sense. A child feels secure when its parents love it, when it gets a great deal of time and attention, when its wishes are quickly satisfied. When the economic circumstances allow its organic needs to be satisfied and when it is accepted for what it is because of its assets and in spite of its shortcomings. If it insecure,fearfulness,timidity,social reticence,lying,stealing,or retreat from competition, over aggression,bullying,exhibitionism and other attempts compensate for lack of security that cause stress.
             Freedom is conducive to develop unique skills, which are the ultimate bases for security. Mostly teachers and parents deny the autonomy to children, and their capacity to experience wonder and fascination, by invalidating whenever they appear. Children need to develop independence if they are to develop a feeling of security that is genuine. Most youngsters independently learn something wonderful to them. This relieves stress-causing factors in them.

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