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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Stress less affective development

               Learners are not passive observers, listeners and learners. They seek satisfaction of their needs and goals, both immediate and distant to achieve equilibrium. In course of achievement, they are confronted with simpler feelings of pleasantness and unpleasantness or complex emotions like anger, fear and joy, which are affective states.
Feelings: Feeling is the pleasure and pain dimensions of emotion or bodily function. Feelings refer to pleasantness or unpleasantness and are called a hedonistic tone corresponding to broad attitudes of acceptance and rejection towards various aspects in the environment. Pleasant things are those for which we strive ,we want to prolong, and maintain where as unpleasant goals that cause stress are those which we avoid, dislike and want to terminate. Pleasant reactions that relieve stress are relaxed and unpleasant stress causing factors cause muscular tension.
                Pleasantness and unpleasantness vary relation to intensity of the stimulus. Experiments show that if a very pleasant object is placed with less pleasant objects, less pleasant objects are assimilated.Example: The best friend’s faults are also liked.
                When an unpleasant object is placed with less pleasant objects, it becomes more irritating.Example: The good qualities of our enemy are hated along with other old qualities.
Needs: One of the major keys to explain human behavior is human need or needs. Human needs are vital, indispensable are urgently requisite. Organic needs, such as those for food, moisture, protection for extremes of temperature if not satisfied results in death. Lack of satisfaction of personal and social needs brings about a lack of desire to live, which is a stress factor. Their chronic denial might result in extinction of an effective and unique personality. Man a happy, harmonious and productive person who is a source of gratification to society as well as to himself.
 Need: It is a set of behavior concerned with the acquisition of similar reinforcements. Need is felt when there is defiency, originally or socially. Such needs are called deficit needs. On the other hand there is a need to grow, to improve .to become more than what one is. Such needs are growth needs.
              Multiple needs of humankind in their intensity and frequency from one person to the other. Some need more opportunity for exercise, love, independence or companionship than do the other. Needs with in reach with capable budget could be met easily with efficient effort with out having any stress in life. The needs, which are at more budget than capability, may reflect negative stress causing factors like grief and agony. To satisfy all the necessary needs one has to satisfy his own mental, physical, and financial capability. Therefore, it is always advisable to plan and carve the necessities, which are required to live happily with out stress. It not only propagates good culture in healthy living but can also teach to manage all the things in right prospect.

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