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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

STRESS LESS MARITAL LIFE [10-Stress relieving tips to please husband]

“More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.” -Doug Larson

         Marriage is honorable in all. Yes, it is. Most of the people around the world do honor and follow all the given aspects. It is just to memorize the facts to maintain moral values and to achieve healthy living.
          No two opinions and interests are a like. It is always a concept of compromise, acceptance and adjustments made by each other all through the life. It is evident that if you like the person wholeheartedly many mistakes or faults seems to be minute even though they reflect bad impact 
on your mind that cause stress in your life. When disliked person is in the life then, a cup of coffee
 with less sugar can take a chance to get divorced.
           Most people opt marriage to be most sacred and respectable process to lead a family life and to have children. Society respects marriage. Living together with their interests and to have children depends on their own understanding and attitude though, society hardly accepts. Moreover, it is worthy not to comment or hurt anybody’s opinion.

10-Stress relieving tips to please husband:

1.To make your home the best place to live in and to drive the attention of your husband to home after office or his busy schedule…do maintain your house with cleanliness and perfect welcoming arrangement no matter if you are a home maker or employee. Luxurious sets may not always relieve stress but clean home with simple, colorful, fragrant fresh flower arrangements and your pleasant smile would help to relieve from stress.

2. Most of the researchers had revealed that men, primarily admire beautifully garnished, delicious food than beautiful women. Serving tasty freshly cooked food relieves men from stress.

3. Men always admire and appreciate good listener. Many responsibilities and busy work schedule irritates man which leads to frustration. They cannot accept harsh words or loud voices when they are at home. Soft answer turns away wrath and relieves men from stress.

4. Husband always admires a wife who respects his views and encourages his abilities. It relieves him from grief, sorrow and disability. Loving nature of wife always relieves him from stress causing factors.

5. Most of the men do not neither accept nor appreciate dominion on their lifestyle and career. Egocentric and self-irrespective conversations often cause immense stress. Admiration at their efforts and achievements relieves them from stress.

6. Husband refreshes himself by sharing his love and affection with his family members. Progressive achievements of his children and good health with tidy mannerisms relieve stress in him.

7. Husband feels extremely happy when his wife respects his family members. Misunderstandings and change of words often cause stress. It irritates him with the fear of guilt and helpless anger, erupting negative emotions that cause immense stress.Therefore, it is always healthy and good to ignore things that hurt your family and love them unconditionally to relieve stress in your life.

8. Husband does not want his wife to restrict him regarding his interests or to pass on rules. Constant goading of restrictions make them to maintain secrecy in revealing the facts. This gives him extreme stress.Moreover; provide him good will for self-expression.

9. Men like to lead socially perfect and elegant life in the society. His grace, attitude and respect would reflect with the association of his team. Wife being the better half of the husband is equally respected. Her support in social meetings, conferences and get together functions relieve him from stress and builds self-confidence in him.

10. Husband would be modest only with the deeds of his wife. Men judge fast in conveying their stress causing factors. It is always worthy to wife, to understand his attitudes and to support him with unconditional love to relieve him from stress.Because, well done is better than well said.

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