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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


They are a couple with adorable concepts for tomorrow.They dream to make their future safe and secure involving every family member. Children are their social responsibility and they love to enjoy the true essence of love and affection. .They plan for children and always strive hard to meet all the requirements of their children and other family members. Parents associate to make best plans for their children so that they could live a life thousand times better than them .In mist of many opportunities they plan to give the very best to their children.

Precious stress relieving tips to Parents:

1. Parents should be practical in thinking and confident in what they are doing while planning for the career of their children to avoid stress in their life.

2. Parents should assess the capability, talent and interest of their child to provide all possible requirements .Spend quality time to encourage and respect their expressions .Parents should encourage their children to understand and share their responsibilities to help each other to avoid stress in your daily routine work.

3. Over restrictions and discipline may hinder the natural out come of your children .They pretend to be good at your presence .These simple facts when hid from you cause tension in your mind which leads to stress.

4 .Allow them to always speak the truth even if it hurts you to know the facts .Once you start forgiving your children for their simple mistake they shall be able to admit their mistakes again. In course of time through proper counseling, children will definitely reconcile their fault.

5 .Always provide your children the necessities they need and avoid luxuries .Do not struggle to spend more amount than you can afford just to make them happy which can provide them the opportunity to demand again and again for luxuries .It ruins peace of mind on both sides causing stress .

6 High  estimation of your children’s capabilities can cause stress with fear of regrets when you expect high grades and ranks .It is better to understand ones capability  to achieve the target, instead plan for a good work out which not only relieves stress but to lead children to their goal .

7. Encourage social life and family trips .Feel free and expressive to share your pleasant childhood memories to encourage your children to share their experiences equally.

8.Always avoid harsh words, abusive language, severe punishments and manhandling your children as it is the deepest feeling of sorrow and grief .This cause immense stress on both the sides with restlessness and sleepless nights

9. Try to be gentle for most of the issues. Help your children to transform with your loving counseling to make them responsible about their behavior.

10.It is not a mistake or sin to strictly advise or counsel your children when they turn rebellious .If their behavior is rude they can be forgiven but joining them in recommended disciplinary school is advisable .It reduces stress in parents and it is good for their children's welfare.

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