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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Mother - A successful working legend :

She is marvelous, active, understanding, affectionate, sensitive, responsible, being with out whom this world would be empty .She is efficient role model .She always thinks about her family rather than herself .Husband and children play important role all through her life .Women are extremely successful even as working mothers .At home she is all set to make things beautiful and at office –authentic ,elegant ,dignified competitor .

In making things successful to built her career with the support of her family. She might at times miss to neglect or forget to think about herself .Confusion and tension can over rule her .It is where the stress begins to a mother, especially a working  mother .Time management to achieve all her targets may not be successful all the time .To make her family members happy and to adjust with everybody is a challenging task  .To look after her children with all the possible comforts, that she could give especially her time is very important and precious .

To manage certain routine activities on time with healthy principles of life can help to maintain relief from stress causing factors.

Yes! you can do it:
10 stress-relieving tips to working mothers :

1. Be confident about your own identity.To achieve your targets of the day you should respect yourself and cheer up yourself to meet all the requirements of your family with love.

2. Take time to write in your personal book, what you want to do with all your responsibilities and work schedules to make yourself comfortable and learn to make them successful.

3. Try to be yourself all the time to express what you want not hurting others in a respectable, humble way even if you are in a joint family.It makes you strong in spirit.Maintain good friends to share your feelings to built up your family.

4. Always buy things which you can afford to family, especially your children. Make children understand, that they will not get things by their demand as the mother knows better what to accommodate the children with.

5.Working mothers with single, two or three children feel it difficult to handle them together.It can be managed by involving them in group activity according to their interests not keeping their minds idle. You can encourage your children to give fancy names to their rooms and toys to involve them in the group activity.

6.Siblings quarrel most of their time at home which is very difficult to manage.It is better to avoid listening to their explanations if they are below 10 years.Healthy way to keep them out of this fight is to completely change their topic with your involvement.Always share your love equally by your deeds, things.

7 .Avoid listening to any topics which seem to be unnecessary and fetch for another reason to complete your important work. Always concentrate on things which are useful to you in your daily life. Always sleep for more than six hours to avoid stress and to keep you fresh and healthy. Dress in the best way to keep the confidence at home and at the office as well.

8. Work is a necessity and marriage is the motto. Children are Gods gift. It is always important to remember that all good things will not stay long nor bad things will remain.To do all the work in and outside the house needs a lot of energy.So, take healthy , fresh , nutritious food to maintain good health.

9. Innate abilities and qualities of your children will not be same all the time. So simply ignore the things which hurt you and give the best you can to your family.
Never try to exceed your work more than you can handle which causes stress.

10. Always try to be yourself and never pretend to accept the things which hurt you in order to make others happy.If you respect yourself and accept your themes then you will certainly achieve your goal successfully.

Remember ……… Working mothers...!!
 You are respected all over the World.

Victorious is SHE
Strong women colour their Souls with Self-esteem. 
Paint their Lives with a Pleasant Stream of consciousness to achieve Success and to fulfill their Dreams.

No matter what, She adores to build up her surroundings.
No turning back to distinguish between scars and unworthy Screams.

Victorious is She..., 

In Every aspect to be an Opulent redeem.

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