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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Friendship is a dedicated true relationship where neither members of the family nor relatives could reach its boundaries .It is irrespective of genders, age, color, culture, tradition and nationality .Made strong by mutual understanding .Friends understand each other in all respects and share all their feelings to relieve themselves from stress in the hour of pain in their life and literally enjoy in the hour of happiness.

It is also very common between friends to misunderstand one and another. People around could easily grasp the differences and agony which they face in due time of their dispute. Some would like to re-unite them but some may also take advantage to extend the dispute for their own enjoyment .Friendship is the second step of socialization after family to every individual .It is the most required relationship to survive in this society at all age groups .From Pre-school age children to old age ,every body has their own friends .Friendship should be a blessing all the time but never a curse .It can be maintained well by just following certain moral values for the self well being and also for the prosperity of the society we are living in .

Tips to maintain Friendship for lifetime:

1.       Always find a friend of your choice who pleases you .Make sure, their nature pleases
        you so that you will not be hurt in future .Its your interest and opinion to choose your friendship.Therefore, do not regret at your choice later. When you choose friend with 
        others influence it will lead you to stress. Do not hesitate to discontinue your friendship
        when it is against your will and interest.
  1. Be sincere and punctual at your work when you accompany your friend. Do not ever disappoint or make fun but always be frank and perfect. Never complain on him if you both are separated due to some painful reason. Instead, it is good to be silent. Sincerity relieves you from stress.
  2. Be honest in keeping ones secrets by not sharing them with others .It builds confidence and your friend would cherish in you and trust you. Maintain balance with all your friends to be secured in all respects.

4.Do not ever force into the things that your friend is not interested. Because, when he realizes his mistakes he might blame you for his misfortune.
  5. Keep your friends introduced to your family .Its a honor to give them the value to understand your nature and ultimately it ensures identity to where you belong. True friendship always respects family values.
 6.Accept the mistakes done by you .By asking apology you will win the trust. Moreover, affection of your friend for which your friend will never accuse .Make a part of him in all your occasions .Encourage, help and advice the best to your friend. Keep in touch with all your friends, it is a true treasure to stress less life .Happiness gives health and friendship gives happiness.

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