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Saturday, 27 August 2011


Sleep: The condition of body and mind, which normally recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.
Sleep is almost neglected these days in over viewing numerous responsibilities.Stress is ruling life. Pleasant sleep is at decline. Man is unable to adjust time to complete his tasks, which he is undertaking with immense responsibility. Therefore, he is choosing his rest (sleep) time to manage the things on right time, neglecting the most important aspect for a healthy life. It is a known fact that a man needs eight hours of sleep for his complete body rest and cell renewal concepts to develop immunity and to stay healthy, active, fresh and energetic. Sleeplessness irritates man and he becomes weak in course of time if it is neglected. Sleep for eight hours at night is never a luxury but necessity for healthy long life.

Reasons for sleeplessness:
Obesity: Obese people often face sleeplessness. They feel difficult to breathe and their over weight interrupts them to relax well. It is always advisable to maintain ideal weight and to work it out at the beginning itself before gaining excess weight.
Lack of proper exercise: People involve in day today work and goad themselves into numerous responsibilities that they often neglect to spare time for them to exercise. Lack of exercise does not give pleasant sleep and cause stress.
Deficiency of micro nutrients: Some people often neglect to take balanced nutritional diet. People deficient of these multivitamins and minerals in the body do suffer from sleeplessness. Iron and calcium deficiency cause stress and gives body pains.
Deficiency of hormones: Hormones play an important role in the well-being of a person both mentally and physically. Lack of certain hormones like thyroxin, melanin, cellatonin etc..., is responsible for sleeplessness that cause stress with interruption in pleasant sleep.
Narcolepsy: It is genetically a disorder in some people. They experience rest less sleep during night and become weak during day. They fall asleep while they are at work with out their knowledge and strength. It causes stress by restlessness and interrupts their work as well
Hallucination: It is a situation where people affected by it imagine numerous things in their mind to satisfy their mental state, which do not exist at all. They get frustrated for meaning less fearful falsehoods. This cause immense stress and they fall short of pleasant sleep.
Periodic Lymph Syndrome: This is also being called as restless leg syndrome. People that suffer from this inconvenience, move their legs continuously.They cannot help themselves to explain about their problem. Therefore, help from neurologist is advisable. They not only distract others sleep but suffers all night with sleeplessness.
Snoring problem: Many people misunderstand snoring as the state of sound pleasant sleep. Doctors explain it to be an obstructive disorder. Snoring does not provide sound sleep and they wake up with interruption due to lack of sufficient oxygen supply. Snoring sounds often distract pleasant sleep of others as well.

Tips for stress less pleasant sleep:
1. Take balanced healthy nutritive fresh food and maintain ideal weight.
 2. Exercise daily for 45 minutes to eliminate toxins out of your body and to improve your blood circulation, which makes your heart healthy.Exercise, helps to tone your body muscles and relaxes mind to have pleasant sleep.
3. Some people go on a crash diet avoiding carbohydrates at their dinner Sugar levels of the body may not be maintained well and diabetic problems
 may arise. Therefore, take balanced diet. It helps with pleasant sleep.
 Healthy diet relieves you from stress and gives you pleasant sleep.
4. Warm water bath refreshes your body and relaxes your muscles and mind. It helps with pleasant sleep. Relieves stress in body and mind.
5. Avoid taking coffee or tea during night. They stimulate your body. Instead, take yogurt or warm milk to have pleasant sleep.
6. Always, avoid watching horror movies or reading unpleasant stories that disturb your peace of mind. Avoid memorizing certain previous issues that distracted you or had given you mental agony. Instead, share pleasant and happy memories, watch or read humor stories or listen to pleasant pleasing music that relieves you from stress causing factors and give you pleasant sleep.
7. Avoid goading multiple tasks, to complete at limited time schedule. It makes your mind restless. Though you sleep for a while, tension and fear of workload arise where you wake with vigorous heartbeat and sweating. Comfortable planning and time management relieves you from stress providing pleasant sleep.

Rest less wonderful people…sleep at night for eight hours or more than five hours at least, it is not a luxury, it is necessary for your healthy life.

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