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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

To overcome anger in children.

Children experience that anger is more effective in fulfilling their needs and desires.

Anger provoking situations are

1.When the child's activities are interfered
2.Delay in need satisfaction
3.Body pain
4.Thwarting of wishes,plans and purposes the child wanted to carry out.
5.Compulsion for unwanted activity
6.Constant fault- finding
7.Imagined unfair bias of parents and teachers
8.Undue sarcasm,ridicule and scolding of children
9.Poor physical and mental health

Tips to overcome anger in children:

1.Make children comfortable with your soft answer.Parents and teachers soft answer turns away wrath of the child .

2.Try to provide the best useful alternative object demanded by your child instead of giving the one he demanded.

3.Avoid shouting at them or manhandling to help them understand that they are loved and taken care of all their necessaries.

4.Always avoid to give the things which they demand by crying.Instead buy them toys which are advisable and recommended at their age.Once you avoid to provide by their demand they will learn to understand that their demand will not be met by anger.

5.Most of the children avoid to eat to give mental agony to their parents.counsel them friendly to help them understand about your feelings but avoid over patting.

6.Try to engage them with some interesting work and always divert them from the topic in which they are angry.Receive the complaints they say patiently,it relieves them from anger.

7.Strict counseling should be given to children when they turn rebellious.Should not allow them to break things or hurt themselves or others.If it constantly appears in the child then he should be taken to a good counselor or psychiatrist for proper counseling.

8.Teaching moral values,stories and lessons to children right from their childhood,always help them to build good character.

9.Children almost follow their parents and teachers.So,provide them the best of your character to understand and follow your concepts.

10.Peaceful atmosphere at home and affectionate tender touch shall always make the child confident which can give strength to control anger.Sharing all the feelings and giving your valuable advise also helps them to overcome anger.

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