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Wednesday, 17 August 2011



   Fear is a negative emotion,which discourages and diminishes ones ability.Every individual undergo stress if,he experience fear.Children face numerous problems with fear.Therefore,it is the responsibility of parents,to relieve their children from stress causing factors.

Tips to relieve children from stress causing fear factors:

1.Comparisons: Children often fear if compared with other known friends at their disability. Children admire their parents. Fear of insecurity develops in them when their parents criticize, in front of their relatives, friends and neighbors’.
  • Therefore never compare your children to others rather inspire them, by your deeds. Always encourage them with positive attitude.
2. Warnings: Children often get warnings by their parents and teachers to complete their given tasks on time. Slow learners and writers often, find it difficult to complete them. Fear makes them to undergo stress, which ruins their natural capabilities.
  • It is always advisable to appreciate their will power and provide them the required time independently.Parents, teacher’s encouragement and dedicated practice, develops their ability. Child loves to prove, when encouraged with affection.
3. Harsh words and manhandling: Children mostly fear at manhandling, abusive language and harsh discouraging words. They become extremely helpless when their most trust worthy parents, teachers and friends give them such pain.

Make the child to understand the importance of a given task. Help them to succeed in it with your valuable guidance. Authority of parents and teachers to make children perfect with over discipline and their threatening warnings makes them to under go severe stress that cause immense fear. Elders, with their living, teach discipline through moral values

4. Examinations: Fear of examinations is common in most of the children. Time management, presentation and completion of question paper without spelling mistakes, makes them to undergo stress with fear.
  • All the instructions should be given to children before examination to avoid unnecessary stress. Progressive counseling of concepts and practice makes them feel comfortable to answer all the questions with time management. It eliminates fear that causes stress.
5. Horror movies or pictorial stories: Children scream aloud with nightmares, when they watch and hear horror movies and stories. It gives them incredible fear. They may enjoy watching, but constant recurrence of ugly and terrifying figures cause stress in their mind. Unhealthy atmosphere with disputes at home among the family members also make children to suffer, with fear that causes stress in their innocent, helpless minds.

6. Create a peaceful,secured and happy atmosphere :Therefore, always guide your children to watch pleasant movies and hear wonderful stories, advisable for their respective age. Create a peaceful, happy atmosphere at home.

It is the responsibility of the parents, teachers and people in this society to provide children, all their primary needs with fearless - confident future, to lead a stress less, happy-healthy life.
Elders care, concern, comfort and company-always will provide fearless life to their children.

Tips on Raising a Fearless Child


  1. Superb tips to cuddle your children..The parents should be coached strictly and continuously...if not they will go ahead with the all negatives.Glory to the zephyr Sameera !!!

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