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Sunday, 4 September 2011


A good teacher is like a candle.It consumes itself to light the way for others.
Thousands of candles can be lighted by a single candle,and the life of the candle will not be shortened.Knowledge with wisdom and happiness with peace never decreases by being shared.

Knowledge is not something to be packed away in some corner of our brain, but what enters into our being,colours our emotion, haunts our soul, and is as close to us as life itself.             -Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan-
                   The teacher is the pivot of the educational system. Teacher is the real maker of history and undoubtedly the torchbearer of progress of civilization.
Prof.Humayun Kabir states: Without good teachers, even the best of system is bound to fail. With good teachers, even the worst of system can be largely overcome. There is a need of good teachers who have some unique qualities with creative mind to encourage their students with positive attitude and to make them confident with sincere effort. They are also expected to act as social reformer, moralist, and national integrator. The teacher is an important figure and he is expected to remain important in our society. He should be able to study the stress factors in his students and encourage them to overcome stress efficiently with his affection and consideration.

The different qualities of a teacher can be put into four categories:
1. Qualifications and experiences.
2. Qualities concerning professional requirements.
3. Qualities pertaining to personality.
4. Qualities of relationship with others.
Functions of the teacher:
            Every teacher has to perform a number of functions. The important duties of a teacher are:

  1. TEACHING: The teacher’s main duty is of teaching the children. He does this duty in the classroom situation in a very formal way. He in fact, is a model to the learner. They may learn from him formally or in an informal way. Therefore, he must be a good model for the student. He will be able to do his duty more efficiently only if he has mastery over his subject. He should be well interested in it. All his efforts should be to make his teaching more and more successful. He should have latest information on the subject. He should also have sufficient knowledge of the allied subjects. He should enter his class with all the necessary teaching aids required, at least not less than five to help his students understand the concept well as education system trains these values in their course. This makes him a better teacher and a person that relieves stress out of his students.
  2. ORGANIZING: Teachers duty does not end up with the classroom teaching. He is part of school life.Organizing of a school and its proper functioning is not the duty of the headmaster or management alone. He is also required to share the responsibilities with them. Moreover, the head master assigns some duties such as organizing some co-curricular activities.Organizing and celebration of a school tasks to develop all round development of the students to relieve them out of stress and to promote their interests to cherish with health and happiness.
  3. SUPERVISING: A teacher is an organizer and supervisor too. In this capacity, he is expected to supervise the work assigned to him by the headmaster. He is required to supervise the attendance of the pupil, their day to-days work checking the home tasks given to the students and to take concern in over all activities of the development of his students.
  4. EXAMINING AND EVALUATING: Testing, examining or evaluating the learner is another important duty of the teacher. Examining the students through written and verbal statements is an important duty. The students are also able to know about their drawbacks. The parents get satisfaction when they come to know how their wards have fared in the examination.
  5. RECORDING: Maintaining record of students work is also the duty of the teacher. Daily attendance, marks of the students, writing report of the students is the duty of the teacher.
  6. GUIDANCE: The teacher is a sort of guide for the students in all matters. He is to act as a father, a brother, a guide, a path shower to the students. For the selection of the subjects, selection of a career. The students seek the guidance of he teacher. He should also try to understand the feeling of the students. Thus, he will be able to guide them better and relieve them from stress causing factors.
  7. ESTABLISHING RELATIONS: Establishment of relations with the community, through the student community is badly needed. Formation of parent teacher association is a step towards strengthening the relationship between the parents and the teacher. He should also develop healthy and co-ordinal relations with his colleagues, the boss, and the controlling body. The teacher’s duty is not only to teach in the classroom but he is expected to carry other duties as well with equal care. Creative teacher relieves stress in his students by counseling them to choose the best concepts in which they are interested in, to serve the society. Only then, he will be able to do justice to the fair name of his respectable profession that is very important to all humanity.

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