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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Creativity relieves stress

“Creativity is a process of becoming sensitive to problems, deficiencies, gaps in knowledge, missing elements, dis-harmonies and so on, identifying the difficulties; searching for solutions, making guesses, or formulating hypothesis about the deficiencies; testing and retesting these hypothesis and possibly modifying and retesting them; and finally communicating the results.”-E.P.Terrance.
               Researchers’ of William and Mary College, Washington-Stated that, Creativity that gives extraordinary and exclusive thinking is being eventually decreasing now, when compared to tests held during early 1970’s.Under the leadership of Kuing Hi Kim different types of creativity tests named Torrents’ were conducted to different children and found that the creative ability of the children all over the world is declined due to lack of time management and proper planning by the parents as well as teachers. Television and video games have conquered their precious minds.
          Creativity relieves stress as it, is that aspect of intelligence, which is characterized by the ever sprouting of ideas. It is not the gift of a few. Every human being has the creative potential. It varies from person to person in its type of expression.It is the ability exemplified by the inventiveness of generative mental processes. Creativity involves not one but many abilities and productivity. The creative artists and writers have been found to be stress less, more intelligent, emotionally sensitive and mature,unconventional,radicle and adventurous.
             Creativity that relieves stress is the product of knowledge, imagination and judgement.It means acquiring detailed background knowledge of the subject is the way to creativity because almost all new ideas are simply a recombination of existing ideas. The creative person always knows a lot about his subject. A flash of inspiration comes out of background of expert knowledgeable.
               The common thread in all creativity is the combination of old elements in new ways. Every book written in English is made up of words that are composed only of twenty-six letters. Creativity relieves stress when every thing in the world is transformed in a new way though known long back.
              Creativity as a process, as a product, as a potential, as characteristic personality and as an out comes of creative process in the environment. On following all these approaches, the following factors of creativity could be arrived at:
     Factors of Creativity:
Keen observation: of both the minute and larger aspects of anything, discovering the new and the strange in already familiar objects and events.
Creative perception: Novel and flexibility in perception. Fresh and wholistic perception. Viewing objects and events from new and varied angles.
Curiosity and sensitivity to problems: Posting questions, enthusiasm to know, enquiring to probe into depths of anything unknown, guessing, and wondering.
Capacity for divergent thinking-Fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration can be exhibited at various stages of creative process. Divergent ways of dealing with traditional topics.
Capacity to evaluate and judge against criteria of relevance, originality, simplicity, elegance, aesthetic appeal, economy etc., as also capacity to generate these criteria themselves.Therefore, creativity relieves stress in all respects.


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