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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


"They too were Infants, kids, Children, Students, Dynamic youth with beautiful shinning cheeks and responsible Adults. JUST LOVE THEM AT THEIR MOST ADORABLE AGE, WHERE THEIR HEAD GLITTERS WITH GOLDEN GREY HAIRS."

- Hazel Shirley -

Grand Parents - Love is the most worthy love, that every grand child would enjoy with good spirit and noble mind of child’s parents.
               In this hi-tech world to-day, Grand children have very little time to enjoy the love of their grand parents.Patting; embracement, kissing, appreciation and encouragement of grand parents help children to relieve from stress. It is advisable to spend quality time to support and build their relationship strong and healthy. It is an honor to encourage both of them to develop positive emotions with the help of the parents to relieve from stress. These kind of attachments and affections when, discouraged or disturbed for any personal reasons of family members might cause stress in both of them which later can be converted to depression.

Tips to honor marvelous Grand Parents love to relieve stress:
  1. Love is a positive emotion that builds healthy relationship and welcomes to establish numerous responsibilities to develop moral values. To live life with certain values that construct a meaningful living by honoring grandparent’s views make you worthy at mind and spirit. It relieves stress in them and you to know that you honor elders.
  2. Yes, they have the ideas of their profession and interests of the same, which they would like to express to their grand children to develop their knowledge in their area and to share their feelings to teach the concepts that, would help them to apply in grandchild’s real life. To listen with modesty relieves their stress and builds love between one and another.
  3. They try to explain numerous concepts that helped them to run their life successfully towards their achievements. At times. they take privilege to encourage explaining about certain facts that would help their children or grand children. However, you might not like it personally. It is advisable to explain the problems behind the concepts if they are not constructive to you and to appreciate their interest in your achievements. It relieves stress in them; as well, your thoughts will not cause stress as you can follow the things that are comfortable to you.
  4. It is honor to convey the things that you are planning for your future and to take their valuable advice. However they would help only in the areas where they have knowledge but appreciate your concern and the value you have given them that makes them happy that cause no stress.
  5. Avoid speaking ill of them or to talk negative things against them that cause stress. They might not be learned in many concepts existing today but they will not hurt you anyway that may cause stress to you. Respect their age, position, and help them to understand what you want them to know with love, which is appreciated by your spirit, and mind that relieves stress.
  6. They love to advice you regarding your diet and rest time. They think of your health and it might cause stress in them. They might not be able to understand the workload, which you have but their love, and affection would promote them to advice you repeatedly to help you to maintain good health. Take time to help them understand that you are good regarding all things with love, which will relax them from stress. At the same time express your concern about their health and help them in their need with love.
  7. Involve precious grand parents to express their love towards all the members of the family and encourage them always to construct their interests and hobbies to make things around happy to relieve them from stress.
  8. Encourage them to involve in social activities, functions and gatherings and provide them welcoming atmosphere by introducing them to the social group you organized.Socialization and sharing their interested concepts with others help them to stay healthy, mentally and physically. This relieves stress in them.
  9. Learned or uneducated grand parents both of them might not be always pleasing to satisfy your lifestyle sometimes. Do not discourage them at any concept, though it irritates you. No body is perfect in this world. They need your support to make their life worthy and to live a stress less life. Help them understand that they are important to you and you respect them with mind and soul.
  10. Grand parents love grand children the most. Provide them the opportunity to make them happy with their expression of love. They are the valuable treasure of love that cause no harm but would do the best to serve their family. Do not expect anything but their blessings and shower your unconditional love that relieves them from stress.

   Remember, your reward will not be neglected but respect towards your elders .......would cherish your life with perfection. You will be the best role model to form healthy society,that lives with out stress.

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