LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Lives of great men all remind us; we can make our lives sublime. And departing leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.-Long fellow-

            Life is a gift full of positive attitudes like needs, ideas, ambitions, concepts, accomplishments and of course dreams to fulfill. In the same way, negative attitudes do arise to make oneself deceived, dismayed, disappointed and of course depressed.
            A person with the positive attitude will have the confidence to overcome negative attitudes to accomplish his/her lives ambition with an unchangeable spirit of self-confidence to achieve their dream goal by maintaining self-respect. Yes, people around sometimes can disable, disappoint and discourage you but can never defeat you, if you have the positive attitude in yourself.

Tips to maintain the positive attitude to relieve stress:

  1. Love yourself: Love is the universal feeling of understanding and admiring one and another with dedication. No two persons on the earth are alike in their lifestyles and mentalities. A person born with multiple assets may not be successful in his life and a person born and raised with numerous challenges both physically and mentally might have achieved the best accomplishments, which he/she would not have even imagined for their lifetime. Therefore, love yourself as you are and set a goal with the positive attitude to relieve you from stress. Because it is not what you have makes you successful but what you give with love is sensational.
  2. Trust yourself: Efficiency is not one’s hereditary or ancestral property. Trust is built and developed to achieve the goal planned with an ability and hard work.Therefore trust yourself in doing what you want to do to accomplish your positive attitude with self-confidence to relieve you from stress.
  3. Study yourself :There might be numerous tasks that you should face to achieve your target. Systematic planning, time management, organizing and to train yourself towards perfection to attain your attitude is more important than to study with out concepts. Education is not only to study the aspects of life to apply its knowledge  in your real life but it is a change in the behavior of a person to live stress less life and to lead a successful career.
  4. Work  yourself: In this busy world there might be numerous works a person could do but the concept behind the work must be his/her interest As it is the most important concept. Yes, to choose work according to ones interest carves numerous successful achievements’ with positive attitude that relieves stress as he enjoys his work sincerely. Discoveries, inventions, researches and investigations are progressive accomplishments of mans’ interest that we are enjoying the work ship of them in the modern world of living.Music, dance, painting, games and sports with creativity and style relieves stress. Therefore, every person has right to choose their work that they are interested into, and to work with dedication and self-satisfaction.
  5. Challenge yourself: To get educated without any interruptions, financial crisis, health problems and discouragement and to work at ones own interest is not an easy task to accomplish. It is a long way that man should take the negative consequences as a challenge to overcome them with positive attitude that relieves you from stress. People around and dearest ones sometimes may leave you, criticize, ignore, or sometimes deceive you for no good reason. Accept the things as they are …. Moreover, do not complain. For the better thing, you lost you leave no regrets, as you will get the best things ahead in your life, as you deserve it. Worry is the circle of insufficient thoughts whirling about a point of fear. As long as you accept the challenges in your life to mould worries and to strive hard to carve your attitudes, you always will remain victorious. It relieves stress in you as well builds positive attitude, to tune in your trust on yourself.
  6. Reveal yourself: A person is said to be truthful when he/she reveal themselves to others. It is always healthy to convey your interests, hobbies, lifestyle and ambitions to all your family members and others who are near and dear to you. Self-expression relieves you from stress. Revealing self, declines private secret life and relieves you from stress. Unconditional love will encourage you to stay strong in mind, Impressive to the people you know. Their admiration relieves you from stress that gives you peaceful mind.
  7. Respect yourself: To enjoy victory with others might not be an identity to respect you but to stand confident and strong alone in the hour of criticism and crisis with self-discipline and to win the battle of life cheerfully is most important. It relieves stress in you and establishes your positive attitude with self-respect.
  8. Dedicate yourself: You are born in this world for a purpose. Trust and obey the plans you have and dedicate your hard work to achieve your interests. Complaints always diminish confidence but compliments contribute to serve with competitive spirit. It relieves you from stress as well promotes your confidence and will power. It is the most admirable thing to dedicate the achievements attained by you with positive attitude. It helps your fellow beings to fulfill their tasks and dreams. Honesty helps you to achieve your lives ambition successfully as you dedicate your self less efforts to the society.
Nick vujicic’s life itself is a great inspiration to prove that his positive attitude made him world famous. It is an honor to convey appreciation as he paved a path to millions that nothing is impossible if we have positive attitude and self-confidence.

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