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Tuesday, 4 October 2011


People can be more forgiving than you can imagine. But you have to forgive yourself. Let go of what's bitter and move on.Bill Cosby 

    Forgiveness is the unique quality, that exists in noble mind. It accepts the painful facts, that hurt you most.... given by someone who is ultimate to you.

              To live a life in fullness you have to involve yourself in all fields of life with morality. People around you, will not be the same in their life style and attitude, that would please you.Therefore,you have to sum up all their qualities irrespective of their interests, and to learn to accept the things as they are and to remain sincere in your efforts.To forgive as well to ignore their qualities, that hurt you is the most appreciable
efficient  and pleasing aspect, that would give you peace of mind.
It helps you develop great individuality and relieves you from stress causing factors.

7 stress relieving tips to forgive :

1.      Forgiving children relieves stress: Children are loved and accepted the way they are and almost forgiven by the parents most of the time. In-disciplinary lifestyle, disobedience, rudeness and laziness of their children hurt parents. When constant repetitions, in positive counseling to transform their nature do not work, parents loose their temper and punish their children. To make their children realize their fault they will be strict and strong with their opinions and punishments to teach discipline. At this point, they suffer with immense stress. Therefore, it is advisable to parents to develop good rapport with their children and to counsel them with parables so, that they can choose the best with liberty.Children are meant to be to think.rather than what to think.Therefore,it is always worthy to teach children about moral values right from their childhood.When they grow up it waters and cherish them to choose the right aspects and concepts to live a respectable life,that is beneficial to their society.

2.      Forgiving parents relieve stress: Children are appreciated and cared by the love of their parents. Children always would like to experience all their interests in practicality though it hurts their own family members especially their loving parents. If it is incorrect …, at this point parents would accuse, punish and manhandle their children using harsh - abusive words, which children consider very seriously. Acceptance and repentance of the children for their mistakes is the most advisable method to relieve stress on both sides. To humble in front of your parents by forgiving and forgetting their punishment will never decline you,but will enable you to gain their love and trust.

3.      Forgiving spouse relieves stress:'Marriage is honorable in all'. It is associated with love and trust. It is made up of many compromises, adjustments, sacrifices and understanding with pure heart. Mistakes and faults might happen in the way of life, which would lead to misunderstandings. Forgiveness and acceptance with broad mindedness relieves you from stress. To humble oneself before another-neglecting self-ego, might help you to relieve from stress factors, that cause due to negative emotions.

4.      Forgiving siblings relieve stress: It is the most common problem found in every one of the ten families around the world. Negative emotions such as (hatred) anger, jealousy are common between the siblings and they keep complaining about one and another to their family members, friends and society. One can never feel happy if they are regretted or hated by their own blood and would undergo restlessness,that cause stress. It is advisable to communicate and discuss the problems aroused between them and to forgive one and another with humble loving mind, that relieves stress.

5.      Forgiving neighbors relieve stress: The society starts with the neighbor.It is very natural, that two neighbors’ might not exist with similar views or concepts. It is good to convey your attitudes and interests and try to respect, that of others to maintain good relationship.Difference of opinions may hinder the relationships only when unfaithfulness and helplessness exists,that develops hatred.Therefore, develop association with good mannerisms to relieve stress and forgive the mistakes for the best foundation of togetherness in the society, that develop with neighbors’.

6.      Forgiving self relieves stress: You are unique in the way you are created and do not under estimate yourself for any reason,that others complain. Time and positive attitude can tune you to be the best, when you respect yourself. Your qualities will enrich your character with respect only, when you forgive yourself. It helps you to transform into constructive, co-operative and compassionate path maker, that relieves you from stress and negative emotions.
7.      Forgiveness gives health and relieves stress: When people around whom you love and trust the most turn to be unfaithful, it hurts to an extent, where hatred would erupt to break healthy relationships. Continuous thinking may cause stress and develop Schizophrenia, depression, mental sickness, blood pressure and diabetic problems. Frustration, anxiety, fear... interrupt physical appearance as well. One cannot concentrate on any work properly. No person can feel happy, when he/she is not linked with healthy relationships, with all his/her family members, though he/she is given all pleasures in life. Forgiving and forgetting the bad experiences and memories, converting precious time, to memorable accepting affections shall 
      certainly build happiness in the life, to bloom with fragrance of unity.Therefore,
      utilize every knowledge building concept to gain wisdom for the enrichment of 
      mutual understanding to live a peaceful,happy life avoiding stress factors.

"Forgiveness - Key to the freedom and leads to love."

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