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Friday, 6 January 2012



Children possess natural innocence and are loved by everyone. It can be ruined only by the negative situations that they watch around.

       These days’ parents are finding it very difficult to trace out little time to love and share their feelings with affection, care and concern. Busy work schedule, many responsibilities, over burdened life that causes stress, is ruling situations to carry negative emotions all the time in mind. One gets frustrated so much that he/she ignores the blessings they possess and start complaining or get irritated upon others, where the members of the family especially their innocent children bare the consequences.

  It is very helpless situation that, one creates with their over assumption, to acquire and complete many tasks in limited time. They neither can help themselves to be happy nor can make others happy. Wonderful loving children are being neglected and punished severely both mentally and physically due to stress factors of their parents.

             People that are mentally and physically challenged are striving hard with positive attitude, encouraging and appreciating one and another to live their lives happily with what they are blessed with. But, people with all the comforts and luxuries are still complaining at many regrets in life for which they are also responsible.

              No writings, teachings, preachings, proverbs or posters can change a person unless he/she accept to change by himself/herself. Happiness is some thing we create. It is not adopted.
Sometimes, few simple words when heard from family members and friends like- I think of you….,I care for you…,I miss you…gives comfort to one and another. A simple embracement, a caring kiss, patting on ones shoulder with appreciation and a pleasant smile with concern relieves stress.

              At the end of the day, one  lose nothing by giving your love, affection and little time to someone who loves you and needs it. May be.., someday.. that priceless but worthy concern can bring back your lost smile to life.So; take care of precious people in your life.

Beautiful Children:
 Children do not submit an application to parents to invite them into their life…,
  But, it is parents that welcome children to invade in their life.
 So, take care of innocent loving hearts, that trust parents and love them all the time.

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