LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Sunday, 10 June 2012


 When our Hearts are empty,we collect things. - J.Krishnamurti -

 "When we understand the worth of love.....
   we treasure all those things....."-Hazel Shirley-

  A gift is given to all ages,to signify their importance in your life.It is occasional then, is given to express your feelings  from your heart.Every one would think twice before they select a gift and always would prefer the best one.Concern and confusion walk hand in hand to choose a gift to satisfy your Heart as well to please and make happy the recipient.

Here are 3 Stress relieving tips to select a beautiful gift :

 1.Your gift emphasize your Heart :
   When gift is given from heart then, the worth or price of it should not be signified.It should rather speak your words that are untold.A gift to the concerned should be selected by your sincere nature and loving heart than just to please  someone.If it is not admired and accepted by them....then, it is not your problem.Just honor your heart when you select a gift and get relieved from stress. 

 2.Your gift expresses your thoughts :
 It is evident that gift chosen would be different to each group in respect to their age.But your gift helps the one - recipient to understand your thoughts.To focus on their interests and hobbies helps you to select the right one.Gift is not the one to show false prestige or price tag but to reveal your heart to unwrap.
Therefore,select the one which is applicable in real life as well to define its importance.

 3.Your gift enhance memories :
 It doesn't matter how many variety of gifts you give..but it does matter whether you have created an ever lasting memory through your gift in their heart is important signifies your intimacy in your relationship.'A gift can  transform, teach, explain and can treasure your  emotions  when you convey it with dedicated heart.'

  If your busy work schedule and responsibilities had not
  given you appropriate time to select an opulent,
   impressive, unique gift....though you have heart to do
    so....'Just think about this......from your Heart.....

   "When the recipient understands the worth of your Love...
     and respect emotions of your Soul .......
     What is more precious than a beautiful flower.......
      ....with an expressive greeting card.....  
       ....that speaks...about your Heart ".
                       ~ Hazel Shirley ~


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