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Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave. 

Martin Luther

When you educate a man you educate an individual, and 
when you educate a woman you educate a whole family.
                               - Jawaharlal Nehru -

7 stress-relieving tips to attract wives heart:

1. Understand her heart:
A tender loving heart is she, that would like to win the heart of her husband all the time. 
The Fear of losing husband's love and attention distracts and confuses wife.
It evokes her to frame numerous questions to unlock the truth.
Therefore, understand her with the loving heart. 
Express your interests, while you learn to attract her heart.

2. Provide her needs :
   It is the nature of a woman to wait and watch prior to appreciating one's responsibility. A Wife respects and praises her husband, when
   he provides necessary requirements at home.Therefore, always 
   abide to feel responsible to complete aliened work schedules
   in planned time to make her happy to live stress less life.

3. Respect her attitudes :
   One cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. It is always
   advisable to know her attitudes. Discouragement elude her interests.
   Free expression helps her to develop in constructive concepts.
   Sharing responsibilities promotes development in the family. It is a
   combined task. Mutual understanding evokes peace of mind.

4. Encourage her to succeed :
   Every  woman would dream to achieve her ambition as she exceeds
   in her career.Though she erudite with the co-operation of others, her
   knowledge is wise only with her own wisdom. Husbands encouragement,
   would be the most graceful deed, that she would ever expect.
   It makes her work in all aspects of self-confidence. 
  Husband's sense of humour is an immeasurable relief for her stress causing factors.

5. Accompany in her abilities :
   Innate abilities and talents develop interests to build creative assets.
   Such abilities are appreciable and to develop them, one needs to focus on 
promoting her capabilities. Providing proper channels to encourage her abilities is appreciable. Awareness and socialization would develop her to enthusiastically participate in her responsibilities.

6. Ensure her security :
   It is the most advisable assurance that a husband would provide
   to her wife through mutual understanding.Trust and hope are the 
   key concepts, that would lit the lamp of love to lead stress less life.

7. Appreciate her understanding :
   It is the responsibility, affection, care, and concern for a loving husband 
   to appreciate her capabilities. Harsh words, manhandling, discouragement 
  would create no bond of faith or understanding.
 Complaining on different situations, complicated discussions on
 many issues to prove anybody's greatness does not construct a
 peaceful atmosphere in the family. Husbands appreciation and acceptance
 builds a happy bond to live a happy life together without stress.

The art of life is the avoiding of pain. - Thomas Jefferson -

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