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Sunday, 15 July 2012


Smiles Shine like Slender line to Sparkle life to be most Divine,with Love to Reign.
~ Hazel Shirley ~

A relation that is planned and designed by God is Sibling. A brother or sister, that are born to their parents to raise together and share numerous things in life for complete life time.Parents rejoice in their mutual understanding,sharing and helping nature.Liveliness is the code that enriches its beauty when siblings love and care for each other.

Yes!Stress causing factors do enroll their ways to create unfavorable atmosphere at home.Anger,jealousy,ego-centric nature,selfishness and disputes between siblings,cause immense stress in Parents.It does ruin peace and happiness at home.

Teaching - Preaching - Counselling children from their the best kind of concept to win over stress causing factors,that affect mutual understanding between siblings.Words of knowledge with wisdom are never too late,to transform ones behavior in constructive form.
Therefore,always hope for the best kind of path to make a happy living with loving family,where children are the beautiful flowers, that would spread the joyful fragrance of love with unity.


1.Prayerful nature accepts sibling with love :
Prayer has power to build lives.It helps to forgive and forget others faults as well to abide with true heart.No body wants to stay long with a caterpillar.though it is the prior one to become a butterfly.Nobody is born perfect to be a good presenter in life.Children often get distracted to numerous things in life.But they can easily explore their feelings to get rid of their negative situations.Parents should be responsible enough to help them transform ' as beautiful as butterfly', in their nature to project their values of love towards their siblings.Siblings should develop as colorful as butterflies, that would encourage people around them to get attracted towards their beauty of love with mutual understanding.It relieves every stress factor in the loving family.
2.Supporting nature gives encouragement :
Siblings should be taught to support one and another right from the childhood.Inculcating positive aspects of togetherness and encouraging them equally, sharing parents love is the most valuable asset for the siblings.The elder sibling should be always involved along with the parents to guide and help the younger one to help him/her understand his/her responsibility in taking care of his/her younger sibling.This not only relieves stress for parents but also builds assurance to build good atmosphere with in the family.
3.Sharing nature showers love and happiness :
Many conflicts arise when there is misunderstanding between siblings.When sharing different aspects.....though by parents nature in sharing their love and affection or things around based on their interest,often mislead good relationships.Therefore, it is always advisable to assure good provision of all aspects to meet all their needs successfully.Never should one sibling be insulted or punished in front of the other,which hurts their ego and destroys their peace of mind.
It is always advisable to counsel children with love and affection by teaching moral values in life, right from their childhood.
4.Affection and helping nature builds confidence :
Affection between siblings always promote happiness in their minds and they enjoy each others company.Helping nature develops individuality and promotes worthiness in character-building.Neither two persons interest will be the same nor their abilities.....therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to develop mutual understanding between the siblings.Thus,encouraging them to help one and another with love and concern.
5.Confidential nature builds trust :
Siblings are blessed beings to live together for life time where there relationship could be maintained....through out ones life.To develop confidence on sibling depends on their behavior,understanding and of course their individual character.Sibling should behave as the best friend in life to restore things,that are private,confidentially to develop good understanding as well to build secured placement in ones heart.It is the most valuable respect that every sibling would admire to receive in their beautiful life.

Brothers and sisters in a loving family brings life to happiness and peace in their respective family.Share and spread unity  in living right from your loving family to build a better society, to make this Earth beautiful place for living. ~ Hazel Shirley ~

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