LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Saturday, 7 July 2012


The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure but from hope to hope.
~Samuel Johnson~

Life is built when a companion of your choice is welcomed into your life to shower all blessings to construct in every progressive aspect. Mind and heart of a person will be relieved from every stress factor when his choice is respected by his/her family. The family would always support and give a warm welcome to their sons and daughters when they develop and create trust in their character-building and succession planning in their career. It helps them to bloom in their life with mutual respect. Marriage is honorable in all. Life takes many turns when things do not work good after marriage, due to lack of understanding and communication.Therefore, here are few tips to make divine marriage a blessing in your life.Yes! It is definitely a turning point in everyone's life. Happiness is something we create. Design your life to make it lively with your knowledge of wisdom.

1.Choose your life partner at your interest : 

Everyone has his/her own interests, opinions, hobbies and abilities. One would always focus on their abilities to cherish their life.Therefore, firstly...choose your life partner at your own interest but never entrust it's responsibility, completely on your family or friends, that in turn would create a barrier between your loved ones when situations don't turn out good over time.

2.Feel proud of your Spouse :

Your conscience on mutual respect towards one and another's interests, hobbies, abilities,
opinions, achievements and of course regarding your future career should be satisfied.You should have positive feelings and terms to be felt proud of your spouse.

3.Believe in mutual understanding :

Individuality, personality, and character would precisely make oneself handle every situation with stability in mind. Focus on such life-building concepts, while selecting your spouse.... to encourage your future with your life partners mutual understanding.

4.Create trust and entrust your self-confidence :

Always extend your terms of availability to help, support and encourage in full potential to develop good rapport to construct unique interest and care towards your life partner.Your encouragement might create, amicable trust and affection to develop their self-confidence at your concern and ability.

5.Make a divine commitment :

Make a strong commitment, that you will develop your career while constructing family in prospective approach. Never drag or deny your spouse's amicable ambitions and career-oriented concepts. This, in turn, establishes the respectable personality of yourself,  in your life partner's mind.

6.Respect spouse's feelings :

Always extend your co-operation to feel secured and dedicated towards your nature. Never create a gap in understanding, where jealousy and ego-centrism occupy to destroy mutual understandings. Respecting the feelings and understanding one's interests often develops admirable place in your spouse's heart.

7.Believe in commitments :

Believe in the commitments made with one and another with the true state of mind and heart in the presence of God. Do stand on all those aspects with responsibility despite many trials. Life is never a game to turn away from the situations under bad circumstances, but a worthy dedicated union of two hearts, minds, souls and bodies. Respecting the values of one and another with love is always approachable and gives charm to the happy and healthy relationship.

Happy Living....Happiness Every One!!

Trust Your Choice
Remember, a person should dictate his/her needs and wants and not the other way round. Do not think about what you 'should' want. Instead, focus on what you want and desire in life. Do not be concerned about whether your desires and needs are right or shallow or unpopular. Keep in mind, no two persons can have the same needs or wants. Once you have made a choice, trust it and give in your 100% in the relationship!

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