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Sunday, 24 July 2011


Stress in primary school age children:

Education without stress means: It is conscious, deliberate and positive purposive
influence exerted by the society on the growing child to enable him to be culturally refined ,emotionally stable ,ethically sound ,mentally alert ,physically strong , socially efficient and spiritually upright .
In this age children show interest in peer activities .Gregarious instinct is ripened in this stage .They are susceptible to the influence of their fellows .They seek the company the company of peer group to share their thoughts and feelings ,experiences and plays with them .They are inspired by group consciousness.
           Sympathy, helpfulness and co-operation towards the members of one’s own group are common attitudes .The severest punishment that give stress to them is exclusion from the gang .Social approval and disproval determines its conduct .It develops a very strong sentiment to the group .Friends take important place after parents at this age .

Education at this age is hard to handle at the beginning of grade one.2 to 3 languages and three more subjects include developing them in all grounds. Teachers hardly use proper teaching aids to make the child learn the subject. At this age child has so much to learn and understand which could be acquired by demonstration and activity. Stress is caused to the child as he fails to understand the basic concept of the lesson taught. A teacher when trained will not be allowed to demonstrate in internship programmed with at least five teaching aids. Very few schools follow the rule to show the teaching aids to all the respective lessons where the child could learn with out stress. Colorful charts ,flannel boards ,class room demonstrations ,activities ,experiments ,models [natural and man-made] ,black board ,and above all ideal teacher would help the child to develop enthusiasm to learn about new things .When the child is asked to by heart the lessons he undergoes stress as he wants to learn the application of it in his real life which is more important .One should enjoy learning to avoid stress in his life. Teaching is an Art .

We learn -
10%    of what we read
20%    of what we hear
30%    when we see
50%    when we see and hear
70%    when we discuss
80%   when we experience personally and
95%   when we teach to someone else.

By William Glassier

Stress in Children :

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