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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Don’ts :
  1. Do not neglect to talk, share and spend time with them.
  2. Do not refuse or postpone answering their questions.
  3. Do not hinder to avoid them when you are serious with another topic unrelated to the child.
  4. Do not accuse them with harsh words or manhandle them to make them understand what you feel. It is the most undesirable treatment, where the child would undergo stress which makes him feel insecure.
  5. Do not take them to visit  hospitals unnecessarily. Unless for important as well necessary good health. It makes the child to expose to unrelated fear and confusion as well. Depression rules their innocent minds to hear his/her siblings or other children cry aloud at hospitals.
  6. Do not refuse to take them to places which are advisable to entertain and to develop their interests along with their peer group. Though it is difficult to manage plan to accommodate with the help of your family members or friends.
  7. Do not neglect to provide them nutritive food which is essential to their growth each day. It is very important  for stress less life.
  8. Do not make them to be awake at nights to play with new toys, which might distract your sleep. It is unadvisable to family and especially the child.
  9. Do not neglect to ask all the things that happened at school (if school going) or any place they visit .To know about their feelings and to advise best remedies, if required also relieves stress in both.
  10. Do not forget to give quality time to make them understand that you love them unconditionally with complete faith on their good behaviour and abilities.

Always remember ---Children are planned and welcomed by Parents. Parents are responsible to provide them stress less life.

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