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Friday, 19 August 2011

Stress relief in children-Passive play

Passive Play:
                     Passive play is watching, listening others play. Children get pleasure and enjoyment by watching others play. They are not involved in the play but equally enjoy the game and get relieved from stress.
                       Watching others play –for example; watching circus, magic show, visiting zoo, poultry, sanctuary, museum, art gallery, science fares and exhibitions
           Children like looking at colorful pictures in books, comics, magazine, and newspapers. They also enjoy watching cartoons, films, television.While watching them they come to know about new things and develop curiosity about the objects. Then they start questioning why, what and when…..This helps to answer the questions regarding their school lessons. Listening to stories like fairy tales, adventure stories about animals, about home life, about children and about service. People like –Police, Postman, about grandparents, about relations help them to develop their concept on knowledge. They like to clear their doubts. These activities give them pleasure, satisfaction, a sense of tension relief or it relieves stress in them.
               Toys should help them to develop exploratory and constructive ideas. They should not be easily breakable, should not be sharp, should not contain toxic substances, should not have fast colors,should not have small buttons,beads,that the children should meet the mental and social needs. It should stimulate child’s interests. Toys should stimulate creativity in the child. It should develop the concepts of color, shape and use for entertainment and application of things in real life.

Equipment stimulate the child’s healthy development: Physical development climbing,boards,swings,slide,push and pull toys, jungle gyms, see-saw boxes for climbing, wading pools, tricycles and bicycles.

Large muscular co-ordination development: Roller skates,tricycles,bicycles,jump ropes, doll carriage,balls,jungle gyms,skates,ice-skates,garden tools, sand box toys and boxes for climbing.

Small muscle co-ordination: Crayons, paints, clay, scissors, pencils, small blocks, peg board, weaving set jacks and balls, which are made up of soft rubber.

Intellectual development: Records, picture books, storybooks, television, radio, comics and puzzle games. Video games other than car and bike races for limited time also develop intellectual knowledge in children. Any kind of race games because unknown tension in children that leads to stress. It is always advisable to avoid them or to allow for short period.

Creativity: House hold equipment like dolls, stuffed animals, simple musical instruments, triangle bells, toy things like all –vehicles,puppets,animals,birds,insects,aquatic animals and so on.
Speech development: Encouragement of self-expression, pictures in comics and magazines, storybooks, radio and television.

Social development: Anything that can be played with other children, such as-sand boxes, musical chairs,swings,see-saw,jungle gyms, jump-ropes and many more interesting out door and in-door games to relieve stress in children.

Every child enjoys playing games with respect to their interest. It is always healthy to respect their feelings to give them stress less healthy personality, both mentally and physically.

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