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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Stress relief in children-Play activity.

  Definition of Play:
 Play is an activity done to spend the pent up energy. It is done for enjoyment. It is a way of letting out emotions, feelings, in a form accepted by others. Play makes the body activity energetic. It helps in physical strength and an activity activates the muscles. It helps in the proper circulation of blood.
Value of Play: Outlet for extra energy development of all parts of the body bones, muscles and internal organs. Exercise develops good appetite and healthy sleep. Through play, the children learn to control their body. It develops in the development of many new skills. It encourages creativity. It helps to explore the environment. Through play, children are able to get rid of negative emotions such as-anger, fear, jealousy and grief. It helps to develop socialization, which enables to mix with other people. It helps the child to develop sport and spirit. It gives the child a chance to follow the rules.

The essential features of play:

Children must have more energy to play than other activities. Children who are physically weak have less desire to play.
Time: For at least short period, children should get time to play freely and let out their emotions.
Equipment: Children need some simple play equipments. It must suit them according to their age and ability.
Space: There should be enough and sufficient space for the children to play. 
Knowledge: The child should be taught how to play with particular play equipment and how the equipment should be handled.
Playmates: They should have enough playmates to play with or to watch their play.
Types of play: Active play and passive play are the two main classifications.  
Active Play: Children are active in this play and involve themselves in the play; the different forms of active plays are as follows…:
Exploratory Play: The child is given a toy, looks to produce sound from it, smells it, feels it and squeezes as well pats and does all sorts of exploration with the toys there by their curiosity is fulfilled.
Constructive Play: Drawing, building blocks, completing the puzzle game naming, shapes arranging to the size and grouping according to the colour, shape, size.Children are able to develop their brain in the constructive activity.
Dramatic Play: Children treat the doll as human. They talk with them and play with them. Their realistic attitudes are received through this dramatic play.
Family Play: Playing with the family members maintains the sound relationship of the family. The children will also enjoy the participation of the family members.
Indoor games: Simple game cards, matching cards, collecting certain informatory cards, collecting certain things, guessing games, musical chair, finding hidden object can be played with in the house.
Out door games: Out door games like running, hide and seek, catch, seesaw, slide, merry go round, swing jungle can be played out door. Sand play and water games are the favorite out door games of the children.

All these play activities relieve children from stress. They grow with healthy body and healthy mind.
Parents: It is the responsibility of the parents to help children meet their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.So, play has to be encouraged. Minimum amount of time has to be allotted for the children to make them active and break out. Child should not be kept at home for longer time. It will affect their personality ability. The parent should play with the children and make the children play with others for the healthy attitudes towards the development of child’s personality.

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