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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


 There are many challenges that a working wife has to face each day. Work at home, office, responsibilities of the children and the family members. In completing these multiple tasks, she often neglects or forgets to take care of herself with the healthy diet or pleasant sleep. Time to her is extremely precious to maintain and life is always in the race with multiple tasks.
           The women around the world are facing stress to accomplish their tasks successfully each day. In a research carried out with 6,500 working women stated, the results listed below-
Working women undergoing stress due to their busy work schedule-

India………   87%
Russia…….  69%
Spain…. ..... .66%
France… ....  65%

10 - Stress relieving tips to working wives :

  1. Time management is very important along with well-organized and arranged the work schedule. To maintain work discipline with manageable tasks would be healthy than to goad extra work within time relieves you from stress.
  2. It is a great privilege and comfort to spend quality time with your children and husband. After a days work out if you are unable to adjust your time to this aspect you may undergo stress. It is always necessary to plan and fix the quality time for the family, which is the prime aspect to relieve stress.
  3. Situations around your life may not be the same as you desire and multiple changes may occur in fewer periods. It is healthy to accept the situations as they are with the positive attitude and strong mind. It relieves you from anxiety and fear that cause stress.
  4. To get all the necessities and requirements at the time to home is not an easy task. This becomes a prime aspect to cause stress. Always plan the complete list of items and seek the help of other family members or call and order products to door deliver in order to save your time.
  5. The nutritious diet is being neglected to rush with numerous responsibilities.Lack of carbohydrates, proteins, multivitamins in your diet cause weakness in your body. Junk food, bakery items and cool drinks with additive colors and preservatives may not daily compensate nutritious balance in your diet instead increases sugar levels in your body that reflect on the obese body. It causes stress with body pains, headache, irritation, and frustration. It is always important to plan a menu chart with nutritive items in a week. It relieves you from stress and provides confidence at your health as well your family members well-being.
  6. It is always advisable to share work among the family members at home or to arrange needful helper to share your household work. Always avoid doing multiple tasks together to save time. It may create a new problem, which causes stress.
  7. Do not sacrifice your dress code or good looks to complete your projects on time.Management, colleagues, friends, and subordinates who maintain decent dress code may impress you and feel of guilt to make you self-confident in good looks, may depress you and cause stress. Therefore, always plan and maintain formal dress code at the office. It builds self-confidence and relieves stress.
  8. Try to improve the skills and innate abilities, which help you to promote your career and to accomplish your interests. It helps to reveal your efficiency and talent. Train up at weekends sparing time at least for an hour or two. This not only relieves you from stress but also keeps you enthusiastic that arouse positive emotions.
  9. Planning budget together, to reach all the requirements of your house and to clear the bills online to save your time relieves you from stress. It is always advisable to plan savings while clearing other debts and bills. This not only assures safety for future but also develops responsible priorities that you should handle.
  10. Plan and attend get together functions, school and college meetings of your children and family functions. Plan for a pleasant weekend or at least once in a month to unite with your family members and friends. Socialization always relieves stress in you. Sharing opinions and healthy discussions not only develops knowledge but also relieves you from stress. Develop healthy loving relationships irrespective of distant places they live in. Association of family and friends stand together in support at all times. These associations construct good society for the progressive achievements, of your children for a better tomorrow.

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