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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Stress relieving tips to do

Melody making tips –
1.Always plan to be confident what you want your career and future would be physically, mentally, socially and financially to over come stress in order to avoid tensions.

2.In the minute you are told that you are conceived, make sure to convey it along with your family members to your first born to prepare him/her regarding the new arrival of a family member.

3.Buy him/her two baby soft toys which resemble a baby girl and baby boy while helping them to understand that his brother/sister would be with all of you after some days.

4.Counsel the child to make him understand about the new arrival .It might take time to him/her to understand but in course of time they learn to enjoy the topic.

5.Socialization makes the child to figure out the facts when they observe other families around them.

6.Lactating mothers should always encourage the first child to help them with things around they need to nurture the new born.

7. Always make the child to understand the responsibility he/she has to help mother in taking care of the sibling.

8 Participation in group activity with any concerned work which the child could manage and enjoy doing it should be given with love and trust.

To get feeding bottle from other place to mom.
To pat gently his/her sibling with concern.
To clean baby’s mouth with soft napkin.
9 Always show unconditional love towards both of them, attention towards the behavior of the child and to answer their questions with love to remove Stress in their tiny minds.
10. Give time to read small stories and help them to sleep beside you along with new born to make them confident about your love and feel happy with your concern.

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