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Friday, 2 September 2011


Self-actualization Needs-for becoming, what one is potentially capable of being, for exercising one’s capacities, the need to grow and to become.It helps to relieve oneself from stress.
                     A particular need does not have to be completely satisfied before satisfaction of a higher level need is sought.Self-actualization means that one seeks to be, and is, as much of what he can be and wants to be as is possible. It implies a satisfaction with self and the world but does not mean contentment or cessation of vigorous and productive living. It means openness to new experiences and an awareness of one’s deeper feelings. It means that one is creative, uses his potential and seeks to release his potential. The self-actualized person is devoted to a cause. It implies complete absorption in some task or goal. It means the making of choices –which in turn means the freedom and faith in oneself that makes choosing possible. To actualize oneself the first step is an examination of one’s own life purposes and processes. This need is also called the need for self-expression and self-realization as everyone has inherent craving for the expression of one’s self and actualization of one’s potentials.
                 Hetero static impulses push them for new experiences. Children have a compulsive desire to touch and feel everything that can be reached. Schoolchildren reveal the need in their constant desire to go at a wider range of activity to see new things and places. An adolescent wants to find out for himself. Adults devote their time to travel or do research. Hence, experience approach satisfies curiosity and discovery of the gap between what the teachers teach and what is learned already that relieves them from stress.
                The real core of creative intelligence and inspiring teaching is providing a balance between encouraging spontaneous curiosity, the sparking of interests, and the kindling of enthusiasm and the necessity for providing focus and mastery of skills and insights Hence self-actualization can be a goal for schoolchildren.It can be termed as a need that relieve children from stress and relax their mind and body.
Aesthetic Needs:
                            For beauty, symmetry, closure and stable structure (perceived mainly in very healthy persons) appreciating moments of joy, exaltation and beauty. They enquire about the meaning of existence, wonder in the order of natural phenomena and systematic functioning of the universe. They want to find out the truth of anything and everything. They seek to find out what is beyond our comprehension of experiences of the five senses, the unknown, the truth or the source of life. They move towards unconditional goodness, love and action that relieve them from stress.
                    Therefore, all the above mentioned needs relieve oneself from stress to lead a happy,healthy  and confident life.

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