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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Relieve from stress -45th International Education Day.

Education is necessary to humanity to learn the nature of behavior in order to lead successful, learned mannerisms to interact with one and another with unity. Education tries to help young people to grow and develop, to acquire knowledge and skills and to learn to relate well with the things and people around.
           The Swiss schoolmaster, Pestalozzi, was the first to realize that the educator can draw great advantage from a study of the minds of pupils and the art of education must be based on an accurate knowledge of mental life. The science of psychology must be basic to such an attempt as it explains how young people grow, what cognitive capacities develop to what extent at different stages of life, what dominant interests move the several stages of development, how they differ from one another and grow at different rates; how to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge, interaction with classmates and teachers and to develop different characteristic features under the influence of environment. It helps the child to grow physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Creative kind of education with understanding heart is at low rate these days and stress is ruled in all states of life especially in education life.
Common stress factors of the Pupil:
1. The peaceful atmosphere is interrupted to maximum extent and fear of stress has occupied the minds of the pupil due to lack of understanding of the concept and time management.
2. Freedom to interact and right to express their interest and ideas are given less time to promote their innate abilities. This in turn causes immense stress in children.
3. Fast foods generation has diminished the nutritional concept of balanced diet with fresh and healthy foods and timely consumption of the diet with good company.
4. Lack of sharing opinions, interests and ideas cause stress to the pupil. Creative programmed schedule, which consists of art, music, games, dance, are at neglected end.
5. The standards of international concepts are established in almost many places around the world where parents find less time to spend with their children to encourage and appreciate them. This cause stress in pupil and they often develop negative emotions like grief, sorrow, fear and anger.
6. Games and extra co-curricular activities develop all round development in the child, which is almost at neglected end. The child is accused when he takes time at his interest as waste of time. Fear overrules his ambition and cause stress.
7.Teaching aids are being used only at certain schools around the world and trained teachers who are specialized at their subjects are less presented on overall basis that cause children to undergo stress with out proper understanding of the concept of their respective lesson.
8. Well furnished furniture, laboratory, library, dining area, playground and toilets are neglected at  many schools that give stress to children.Manhandling and use of abusive language or harsh words cause immense stress in children.
9. The statistics are taken all around the world to make the child most fortunate one but often neglect to give them the freedom to express their necessities. In this world of modern technology, the child is being encouraged to learn the concepts irrespective of their age where he cannot be supervised or guided to learn the moral values with the attention of his family. This in turn cause stress in children to avoid the unnecessary concepts learned, watched, or listened due to unhealthy means of exposure.
10. The general aim of international collaboration in educational research in all educational fields and discipline should work at time management of the students with necessary concepts with respect to their age is advisable to relieve them out of stress. The themes for effective international education can be met with respect to the provision of all needs to the child to overall development is the most acceptable concept to relieve pupil from stress.

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