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Friday, 9 September 2011

Stress less creativity for better business.

Helping customers make right choice begets better business.                                           Businesses that depend on long-term customer relationships understand the importance of managing customer expectations, both overt and covert. Regardless of the nature of product or service they intend to purchase, your customers are looking to find an optimal solution from the point of view of their individual needs and priorities even though many of these priorities may be unspoken.
              If you are in a customer-facing job, there may be frequent situations where you have to help the customer with his decision-making. Many times the customer might be unaware of the options that are available, or unable to decide owing to the implications attached. A sales person or customer service representative will have to diagnose and prescribe a different approach and psychology on a case-by-case basis, because every customer is unique. The psychology of the customer decisions has the greatest impact on your sales and marketing efforts, and it is important that you help the customer make a right choice.
To assist your customer to make optimal decision: Relieves stress in your customers.
  1. Engage customer: Make an effort to know what the customer really wants before you launch into the standard sales pitch. Whether they have come to the store their minds already made up, are still weighing options or merely window shopping, every customer want your undivided attention.Persuasion is often a function of listening and people tend to perceive a product or service as being better when it is delivered by some one they can relate to. By engaging the customer in constructive conversation, you can establish rapport, understand the customer’s needs, priorities and preferences and make him/her to make an optimal choice. It relieves them from stress to decide what they want.
  2. Establish control: Avoid being reactive in the sense that rather than merely answering the questions that the customers poses, you should be actively participating in the discussion and asking questions to determine customer requirements. It is quite likely that the client may not be aware of what they actually want and need, particularly if there are numerous options available they under go stress. In such cases, active questioning is a great technique to determine client requirements and quickly steer the conversation forward. By taking lead in the conversation and establishing control, you can make the most of the limited time you have and ensure that you provide the information that the customer needs to make his decision.
  3. Give information: The customer might not be aware of all the facts relating to the product or the service. By taking your advice in making a decision, the customer has reposed faith in you, and you should live up to customer expectations by providing an honest evaluation of both the positives and negatives of each alternative…The availability of alternatives increase the perceived level of satisfaction that a customer derives from buying a product or service, but it can also complicate the customer’s decision in so many ways. Hence, it is important that you examine and explain the implications from the customer’s point of view. The job of a salesperson is to find a solution that gives the most value to the customer without compromising the company’s profits. Even if it is not the product with the highest margin, you have made a successful sale if you have recommended a product or solution that has given maximum value to the customer for its price that relieve them from stress to make confident decision.
  4. Happy returns: Ensuring that the customer gets value for his money is not only the right thing to do, but also the wise thing to do. Every sustainable relationship is built on trust and goodwill, and your relationship with your customers is no different. If you can deliver on this account, you will have them for coming back for more to make stress less shopping with trust and to buy the things that have worth.
Responsibility is the high price of self-ownership.-Hans Clarin

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