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Sunday, 11 September 2011


Love is the noblest frailty of the mind-John Dryden-

             Love is universal code for survival of living being. It is sensitive, precious and inexpressive feeling that only mind can attempt to assess its depth. It is very marvelous and precious to human mind for healthy, colorful, and delightful living. It relieves stress in every human mind.
             It is no wonder that human’s fall in love with any one, any time, at any occasion. The only reason behind it will be attraction towards any one positive attitude, which is pleasing to their sight. Youth now a days are misinterpreting the value of true love with fake and false imaginations with the word `beauty’ that is not being successful to build their character or career.
           Numerous relations exist with one universal word `Love’. Gods love, grand parents love, parents love, siblings love, love of relatives, friends love, husbands/wives love, love from the society, love of the country and for the country are very precious, that should be respected and as well accepted with true spirit and healthy mind.

Stress relief tips to those who lost love:

1.      Love endures only when the lovers love many things together. When people around neglect or forget you and avoid communicating with you. That would be the most undesirable feeling that cause stress.Always try to have a good rapport with the one whom you admire and love them unconditionally.
2.      Maturity at age is the most advisable factor required to choose the correct path,that is respectable to the family and the society. Feelings that exist during the adolescence age is common but to keep in control one's thoughts and deeds with the help of positive friendly counseling from the parents,educational authorities,mentors,trainers is still more essential, that relieves stress.
3.      Personality of the person is the most prestigious aspect, that should be respected and the nature of one’s character reflects the good deeds that help to relieve stress.
4.      Self-imagination and spending time towards unnecessary aspects ruins the healthy body and mind. When the planned or accepted things do not happen the way one accepts, it is always the fate and other person who is blamed but not the indiscipline of the personality,that cause stress. Therefore, plan the things advisable to you, that is pleasing to your family members and it relieves you from stress.
5.      Secrecy in one’s personal life itself is a stress factor. In order to fulfill the interests many people wander enough to satisfy their desire. They study and admit,that the end product would be bitter but do not avoid the things they desire, which are at times not respected and accepted by the law and the society. They loose good identity in the public and undergo stress in future for the regrets. It is advisable to be confident and stable in building the character with self-respect.
6.      Many people when betrayed by the loved ones, undergo stress and sometimes they may damage their mental health due to continuous negative thinking. They fall into depression and sometimes become affected by the psychological disorder schizophrenia. It is advisable neither to goad more affection towards anybody than required nor to think too much on negative situations.
7.      Never stay alone or fall into unhealthy addictions,that ruin health.Loneliness and work without interest cause stress. Enjoy the work you are involved in and walk in the path, which is acceptable by the society to relieve you from stress.
8.      Sharing the feelings with friends and family members always relieves you from stress. Sharing is the one good quality, that relaxes mind and you will feel free and accepted by the listener.  You will grow confident about yourself and develop intimacy with the person who accepts to listen to you. This relieves you from stress.
9.      It is advisable to cry aloud if you are under severe mental agony instead control the feelings of sorrow. Shout aloud for some time until you relax and feel comfortable. Spend time with your family members or friends whom you desire to be comfortable mentally and ignore the things by self-counseling and encouragement .Help yourself to understand,that you are precious and made by God for the good of another being on this beautiful world.
10. Plan to visit different pleasant places, communicating with positive counselors, social reformers, and spiritual people to enhance your mind and refresh your thoughts,that relieves you from stress.
Try to give your unconditional love to the one who needs it with respect to the law and you are never defeated. In this busy old world, one may neglect or forget you but always remember one fact – In this world; three things remain: Faith, Hope and Love. Nevertheless, the greatest of these is LOVE.

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  1. Only FAITH and HOPE are the greatest..without these two so called greatest LOVE is nothing..... its just a side affect of these two feelings.... how can we have love without faith... and hope that we will be reciprocated the same ?!!