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Monday, 10 October 2011



   When someone feels they are not as good as other people they get frustrated, to accept the truth. They would develop connectivity with different aspects of life that one may feel difficult to understand.
               Many of us would like to know such an individual, but doubt that any of us has ever witnessed such an array of virtues contained in any one person. But the person with the inferiority complex doesn’t compromise in his goals. He must possess all the virtues in order to feel adequate. Since one can practically guarantee that he/she will not achieve this status his/her inferiority complex becomes, in essence, a whip which prevents him from accepting himself or making an adjustment.
             We can differentiate between the creative idealist and the person with the inferiority complex. The objective idealist wishes to perfect some idea or concept which is larger than him. The person with inferiority complex may have goals to reach beyond himself. But the motivation is `egocentric’, the basic motivation is to achieve a feeling that he counts as a person. Everyone has the right to respect and love as a person. If you feel that you must achieve something in order to be respected and loved, you have the classical inferiority complex.” The economic insecurity that accompanies a lower class family frequently leads to inferiority complex and a keen sense of the effect that security has no personality. The inferiority complex, whose possessor doesn't consider himself good enough to be accepted to himself alone. It is quite common for introverts to this personality factor as a cause of their inferiority complex. They feel that being an introvert is undesirable. They do not realize that most of our creative people are introverts.
               To be sure he has feelings of social inadequacy because of his in capabilities than the talented people or friends around…but it can be emphasized again that feelings of inadequacy can be normal. If you have them, don’t worry about them. In fact, if you meet someone who doesn't have such feelings, ring for the nearest psychiatrist. It is impossible not to have feelings of inadequacy if you have any concept of mans insignificance in contrast to the reaches of the universe.

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