LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Monday, 10 October 2011


 This humility is healthy. It keeps us balanced. However, these good, normal, rational feelings of inadequacy are always a response to something specific, not to life in general. Which brings us back again briefly to the larger definition of normalcy. But by following certain tips to avoid the inferiority feelings one can progressively come out to maintain their personality in public and can gain respect and trust of the people around. It also helps them to be strong in their will power and health both physically and mentally. It ensures them to live life with self-confidence and elegant appearance with warm pleasant smile on their face.
Stress relieving tips to avoid inferiority complex:
1.      Honoring yourself relieves stress : You are unique creation with many talents and goodness. The only reason that causes stress might be that you do not accept the fact or satisfied with the truth. People should be honest no matter what exists around them. It is very hard to be with people who hypocritical that cause stress. You may never know what they think to do or what they do not like. To be happy with what all you have and strive hard with what all you can do, and to achieve your target or to accomplish your destiny with healthy thinking by respecting your own attitude which is no harm to others to get hurt is the most admirable way to relieve from stress.
2.      Self-confidence relieves stress : It is an honor and privilege to live life with self-confidence. But do not be over confident about what you do and do not neglect to take suggestion if you are less talented than your colleague no matter if he is your sub-ordinate if talented. Over confidence can always decline any expert.Therefore, encourage yourself with humble acceptance that relieves stress.
3.      Development of self-efficiency relieves stress: No human in the world is an expert by birth. One should learn to struggle, to learn all the things that are existing around him. The art of learning with self-discipline always relieves stress.
4.      Avoiding false accusations relieve stress : Two faced apple cause stress, when their nature is revealed. They are the people who compliment you to your face and criticize you behind your back. They lack self-expression and lack of confidence enables them to escape from many unanswered questions. False accusations on others cause immense stress in mind, which makes them to struggle with guilty consiousness, when alone. False accusations may satisfy and give comfort to ones  benefit only for less period of time, but the consequences that come at later may cause stress in such a way, that one can not forgive himself.
5.      Avoiding hallucinations relieve stress : These are the people who assume things for their personal satisfaction or simply see fake things existing around them. These kinds of apple polishers always try to pet the world to like them. You never know where you stand with them. They think ill of good people and remain under stress hallucinating things and get frustrated and irritated. Such kind of people can harm the people around and sometimes themselves too. Therefore, it is always advisable to be truthful and self-expressive to be with healthy mind for healthy thinking that relieves stress.
6.      Avoiding ego-centric nature relieves stress : Today, many marriages, friendships and family relationships are at trouble just because of ego-centric nature. Both the man and woman are being extremely successful at accusing the faults of one and another than to accept things together for their healthy relationship. Forgiving the faults and admiring the talents are at declining rate. Negative emotions’ like anger, jealousy, grief, sorrow exist in mind that causes stress. Frustration rules this nature and even a gentle person may turn out to be rebellious. It is always advisable to be humble and affectionate towards one and another to relieve from stress.

 The most famous and outstanding people in the world were and are incredibly humble enough to learn the things from talented people. Instead thinking about inferiority they learned to be humble. That is the most admirable friendly nature anyone would welcome to remain unselfish to the deeds that talented people do. It is only you who should decide your life and destiny, because your thoughts and deeds walk hand in hand and you are responsible for your own life….either to live with out stress of guilt or to live stressful life..!Your decision unlocks your health and happiness.


  1. I have learnt various good stuff right here, and I’m sure everyone will get advantage of it.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words Sander :)