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Thursday, 6 October 2011


                          Responsibility is the high price of self-ownership.-Hans Clarin-

       We all learn our responsibilities right from our childhood. By the time we become physically fit, mentally matured, and financially settled, we may neglect to honor our responsibilities, as well  find enormous excuses, to skip… to perform our duties. One of the most used words to complete ones responsibility, would be tied up with a word called “stress.” Yes, it is the existing fact of this 21st century that it is increasing in this world equal to pollution. Stress is essential to learn responsibilities’ and adopt different skills to some extent.But, if it is more than, one can bear, that would ruin his physical and mental health.

Responsibilities that relieves stress:

  1. Responsibility of child’s care relieves stress: Children for their parents would be, precious treasure, other than any materialistic luxury in this world. Parents would strive hard and sacrifice numerous things, to make their children the best citizens in this world. As they choose the best provision along with essential facilities, to make them comfortable and happy, to feel proud of their parents. Any inconvenience in their life would give stress to parents. From their healthy diet, growth, school activities, study to all the necessary and luxury games children ask for, would be a pleasure to give from loving parents. Parents, who lack this responsibility or who stay away from their loving children to share their love with their presence for some reasons, may undergo stress. Satisfaction of performing parent’s responsibility not only builds affection but also relieves stress.
  2. Students’ responsibility relieves stress: This stage, where many students have trouble to perform their responsibility, they face numerous counseling classes from parents and school faculty. They almost get frustrated and confused to obey, as well to enjoy the blended attractive options present in the world around them. They can neglect neither their responsibilities nor respect to perform them. Proper brought up, instructions and restrictions, with the help of the parents valuable suggestions, right from the childhood would help them to realize their responsibilities, not only to study well, but to establish trust and to make his/her parents proud, to relieve stress on both ends.
  3. Responsibility in family relieves stress: Family is a wonderful association of all loving members. To perform responsibilities, is to share their love between one and another, but not merely a duty. Many characters, persons are involved in the family, which perform their responsibility well, to establish good relationship with one and another. Good communication, sharing of opinions, respecting the views of others and sacrificing certain enjoyments, to see a smile in the faces of other family members, is feeling responsible to one-self. However, no two people would have similar opinions. One should be able, to forget or forgive to maintain the responsibilities and to construct the bond of the family for the healthy atmosphere of happiness. Such people will be respected for performing all their responsibilities’ well.
  4. Responsibility at work or duty relieves stress: In this world, responsible people will never stay idle, rather would carve to be more efficient to perform all their work with self-respect and dignity. Sincere people would always suffer and undergo severe criticism in the public as well, at their office. Such people should be strong enough to stand responsible, to perform their duties for the progress of their career and family. The family, not only will accuse irresponsibility, but the society will not provide a respectable place to him/her in the future. Responsible peoples reward might be late, but will never be neglected. Self-satisfaction and self-respect glows with responsibility that relieves stress.
  5. Social and moral responsibility relieves stress: We live in a society and as a human being; every body has to perform their social and moral responsibilities. It should be taught to every one right from their childhood to feel responsible about the people living around. Most of the people do take responsibility to help the poor and needy especially, orphan children, old people, and diseased, neglected people. They are able to see the beauty of this world as, certain wonderful people and blessed organizations, dedicated to serve them with responsibility, to live with joy. It is a great honor and privilege to help them provide the right to live with human responsibility. To root out in humanitarian acts and to stand on moral values to provide organized, healthy society with responsibility relieves stress, of the society as well. To protect the earth out of all kinds of pollution's is the most demanded responsibility of every citizen.
  6. Patriotic responsibility relieves stress: Every one adores and loves their country and expects to serve the best for their country with their self-efficiency. To serve ones country, with truthfulness and sincerity and to feel responsible to develop his/her country for the well being of all the people is the most appreciable concept, that relieves stress. Speeches are only heard, but deeds are seen. People who dedicate themselves to feel responsible to sacrifice their lives in the army and police and serve with sincere responsibility for their country, are the most adorable and patriotic responsible people. Every sincere and self-dedicated person is a soldier, to ones country.
Responsibility is the character, that not only relieves stress but also make humans to be sincere in their attitude that gives him adorable respect in the family and society.


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