LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Tuesday, 27 March 2012



       Life is full of expectations, interests, ambitions and emotions. Acceptance is the only path, that could lead stress less life. Expectations can only lead the situations bad, where as acceptance can make one relieve from stress. These days’ marriages are seriously in trouble. 

Expectations from either side of the spouse are ruining the relationships of the family, which in fact will also reflect on the society. Stress is ruling every mind at work and related social life. Every person is wandering around to find happiness in true acceptance, where he/she could get by respecting their feelings..., and to get relieved from their mental stress.

               Life has many wishes to be fulfilled and circumstances that keep challenging every person to go through all the situations. Few may help to develop ones ability, few may test one’s patience and few may frustrate to leave the responsibilities behind and people around to attain the peace of mind. Every human wanders all his/her life for a person, who would understand them with concern. Listen to them with interest, encourage them with confidence and would be pleased to hear good wishes, that relieve stress in them.

             Every human is made to understand the feelings and respect the emotions of that of the other person. But no two persons would have common interests and ambitions all the way in their respective life span. Therefore, people need to accept certain facts in life to make one’s life happy and successful. 

Acceptance is the only means, that would help one and another to remain strong and splendid relationships to lead stress less life. It also helps to construct and maintain successful relationships with amicable communications. Because communications always relieve stress as it is the only path, that exist to define oneself. Self-expression is always a state of free mind, that construct good health.

Tips to relieve stress – with acceptance:
  • When people misunderstand you – it helps to understand yourself. So.... forgive them.
  • When people make fun of you – it helps to respect yourself. So….enjoy it.
  • When people are unfaithful to you – it helps to remain faithful. So...learn it.
  • When people neglect you – it helps you to turn responsible. So, Be sincere.
But when people take all things easy in life and misunderstand, make fun, remain unfaithful, and neglect…YOU…Remember…..that simple things might turn too…complicated. A coward runs away from the reality and responsibilities…., and remain as a’ loser’ who complains and criticizes. A winner stands on one’s commitments and challenges every situation…, and remains as a ‘successor’ who cares and compromises.” You are always a winner”.

So…aim it…, claim it and you will definitely achieve it. It is always one life. So, live it with….”LIFE”.


  1. This is an emotional tribute..My sweet wife stayed away for a fortnight for a special mission... each nano second was quite horrible.I wish and pray that in the reincarnation she will be my sweetest wife again...Glory to my sister Hazel..

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