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Saturday, 16 June 2012


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SADNESS: A mental illness that makes you feel very unhappy.
[Nearly three million people suffer from sadness every year]
Cause: Downheartedness is caused when most loving dear ones are
missed or when people we trust or respect disappoint and 
discourage us with their unpleasing words and deeds, that hurt
our deepest feeling in the heart.

Here are 5 stress-relieving tips to overcome Sadness :

1.Avoid to think over disappointments and discouragements :

The most valuable help to one who is in depression is to avoid
thinking about the people who discourage your ambitions and
disappoint your hope. Over-thinking, hallucinations, continuous
work schedule, the load of work submission in less time, numerous 
responsibilities without any support or help depress most
intelligent people too.It leads to a severe headache[a migraine].
Therefore, just try to avoid all those situations and people who 
can make you feel low, to live stress less life.

2.Spend your time with people you trust :

Trustworthy people or friends are blessed assets in this world.
They make one to live with peace of mind as they make time to
listen and care. Loving, caring, encouraging, impressive words from them relieve
you from stress and helps one to come out
of depression.Sharing feelings, positive counselling relax ones 
mind and helps to live stress less life that roots out depression.

3.Emphasize your interests and energize your skills :

Every human is worthy enough to prove himself/herself with
ones own interests which in-turn reflect around as their wonderful skills
.Apply your knowledge and strength to aim and achieve the 
concepts your are interested in.It makes one to prove their identity
and gives happiness.The most foolish act would be to waste time
upon people who do not have time even to bother about your life or
your thoughts about them.Therefore, cheer up and believe in yourself
with self-confidence to make your life a stress less worthy life.

4.Take healthy, nutritious food :

Depression often takes a chance to over eat variety of junk foods
though not hungry.It reflects to become obese and turns as a reason
for numerous complications.It also makes one to avoid even the most
delicious favorite food.This can weaken your  body and can ruin your
mental health as well.It is ones own responsibility, to maintain proper
diet in time to keep your body and mind fit.

5. Exercise regularly; Read inspirational books and sleep well :

Regular exercise helps to tone up body, relax muscles, improves
blood circulation and eliminates toxins away to make oneself lively with 
positive charges that reflects on ones happiness.Reading good books
to gain knowledge are useful in life to encourage positive thinking and 
to avoid unnecessary thoughts.Pleasant sleep for 6-8 hours keeps
physical and mental health perfect, to live a stress less happy life.

'Chance happens to all, but to turn chance to account is the gift of few'.
                                                                   -Bulwar Lytton-

"I recommend that you should listen to your favorite music, while you feel stress or sadness."

*Read the mentioned links to help yourself and your dear ones to avoid /cure depression

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