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Friday, 15 June 2012


When you go to school look at the faces of the children.
If you find joy in their faces, allow that school to run.
Otherwise simply close it down.  - C.Rajagopalachari -

1. The Student Needs assurance to receive care and concern :

 Student prepares his mind to attend his educational institution to learn
 constructive concepts to build his career and to change his behavior
 to progress in his/her life.Therefore, a student prefers welcoming heart in
 the respective institution with genuine care and concern.To receive 
 promising education with moral values, which can change the behavior
 is the assurance that parents and students expect to live stress less 
 student life.

2. Avoidance of harsh words and manhandling :

 No one on the Earth living would like to tolerate abusive language, harsh words or manhandling.These are the most common stress factors in the students' life. Neither they can live without distraction and mistakes nor they like to bare punishments. It is always advisable to provide them repeated counseling classes with moral values. To reveal rules to students and their parents is the best way to avoid stress, caused by negative emotions.

3. Pleasing nature and pleasant oration attract listeners :

 Nothing else can attract a student than a pleasing nature, audible voice,
 legible writing and pleasant presentation, that relieves stress while learning constructive concepts. It helps him to concentrate and learn the concepts well. Class evaluation on concerned taught lessons helps students to recapitulate and recall. Classroom interaction with the healthy sense of humor without humiliating any student relieves stress and keeps the one happy while learning every activity.

4. Practical presentation enriches education :
  Demonstrative practical and skillful teaching with necessary teaching aids helps the student to learn from the roots of the given concept for   better understanding.Therefore, it develops interest in the student as
  as well enrich the capability of their memory.This relieves them from 
  stress and helps to develop enthusiasm to observe and learn.

5. Sports and games are enthusiastic tools against Stress :

  Its a great honor to the educational institutions to give amicable priority on sports and games to students to lead a stress less life. Physical activity for two hours a day makes them enthusiastic, healthy both physically and mentally. Socialization and adjustments are learnt by them with their active participation.

6. Cultural activities and competitions explore skills :

  To encourage students to participate in cultural activities helps them
   to present their innate abilities, skills, interests, and hobbies.The Creativity 
   and the talent develops self-confidence as well promotes team spirit, that
   relieves one from stress.

7.Picnics; Field trips; Excursions.... enriches Unity and teamwork :

   These trips develop interaction and improve knowledge while promoting socialization, that relieves stress by attracting every student. Patriotism, patience, personality development is enriched in educational institutions. Sharing, adjusting, understanding and learning concepts -relieve stress in students.
   Students are the strength of this world.....therefore,

"To know how to free oneself is nothing, the arduous thing is to know
   what to do with one's freedom." -Andre Gide-
If you were given worth to educate a student, do the best to show the most
beautiful path-' to live a life that gives light to others life.'

~ Hazel Shirley ~

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