Monday, 18 June 2012


We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle
that can guide us through the darkness to a safe and sane future. - John Kennedy -

These are 7 applicable tips that can be treasured in mind
as suggestions only. It might change from person to person,
based on their respective situation. Patience is bitter ,but its
fruit is sweet.

7 Stress relieving tips to attract husband's heart :

1.Listen and understand his heart :
Every man plans and wishes to acquire success in his career.
He would always welcome an honest listening heart who would
encourage him to lead to attain his targets.To know his taste in
living and eating habits as well.Therefore, listen to his expressions
with respect that relieves him from stress.

2.Respect his emotions :
 No two men are alike in their emotions.One might have interest to
explain where as another would completely regret to express.
Understand his nature and respect his emotions, as you turn to
observe circumstances around with capable understanding and 
interest.To be stable and patient by nature, helps him to reveal his 
emotions though positive or negative, when faith reigns in relationship.
Therefore, construct a path of trust to relieve from stress.

3.Maintain healthy relationship with family and friends :
  Family and friends are most precious powerful assets to bind a family.
  Always associate, accept and develop healthy interaction with genuine
  loving nature.It enriches respect about you, to your loving husband.
  Appreciate his dress code and avail time to cook his favorite dishes
  and dine together.

4.Encourage his unique helpful interests and ideas :
  Irrespective of one's standard of living, a husband would always 
  appreciate that his interests are honored and ideas would receive
  encouragement from the loved one. Avoidance of humiliating
  conversations and discouraging communications would enable,
  husband to feel proud of his companion.  Therefore, he would 
  appreciate  to share his ideas and spend more time at home.

5.Believe in his individuality :
   Numerous interrogative questions are not advisable to know about
   his where about's and time schedules as they irritate him.
   It ensures one to understand that you believe in him, which reflects
   your worthy perception in personality.Therefore, avail time to know
   about his work schedules and engagements prior, than after to live
   a stress less life.

6.Provide privacy in his living :
   No man would like to involve his family either in official or personal
   interests completely. It is always advisable to respect his privacy
   if he is not willing to share. It helps to relieve him from stress as well
   your nature would be appreciated for understanding his heart.

7.Accompany him to social functions :
   Attending to social functions together would help both to associate
   with different friends in the society, where socialization is encouraged
   along with entertainment.Husbands often find delight when, wife and 
   his family members are involved to enlighten the beauty,
   to build healthy relationships in the society.

   The true test of  intelligence is not how much people know how to do,
   but how they behave when they don't know what to do.
                                                                     - John Holt -


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