LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Monday, 25 June 2012


International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking - 26, June.

"Our efforts to promote development and fight drugs and crime will be more effective if they are rooted in partnerships with the young, civil society, governments and the international community. Working together, we can alleviate the suffering of millions and break the hold of drugs and crime on countries, communities, and families."
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

'We should progress......from:
Talkers............ .to......Doers .....Achievers Setters


Stress relief from drug addiction

A life is born and wish is claimed,
dreams that hope to raise each day.
Spirit and strength lay the path to stay....
...a peaceful life to shine and smile in every way.

Look at the mountains up there..!
they look so..steep and high.... if they touch the Sky.
Though they are huge and strong...
..neither can reach the Sky nor can prolong....
Yet, they help to stop the windy storm... make life in this world to long....!!

Hey!  my friend...! that wander out of pain and grief...

in search of addicted drugs you creep....!
Look ! at the people who inspired us too deeply,
though they lived their life in brief,
yet......they accomplished their will to reap.

'Lance Arms Strong -the cycle Champion of France',
His bravery is wonderful to glance.
'Mark Inglis- the mountaineer',
A man of strong attitude led adventure without fear.
'Natalie du toit - dear lady to be a great portrait',
was swimming Champion of South Africa.....
..People admired her and said Eureka....!!

Great people who lived around,
though challenged physically, yet were bound...... live an inspirational life that would sound... if the powerful dedicated song is found.


Curiosity aroused in evil minds... spread darkness around to keep cash in bands.... make money with lives alive....
....only by ruining one's own species, that love to survive.

Educate, empower, counsel to be wise,
break away the chains of lies.
Take an Oath at this precious hour....
....not to cast away the spirit of power.....
Spread the words that you care..!!
to all those friends around drugs.....please be aware!

"Charus - would ruin your charms,

Stay away from them, as it harms.
Cocaine - would damage mind cells,
it....would lead you away from Holy bells.
Heroin - would hinder complete health,
it...would ruin away your total wealth."
Robbery, cheating, chasing is difficult to sail,
Ruined one would stay in prison with out a bail.

Only one life my precious friend!!

live an intelligent life to be strong in mind.
Help yourself with wisdom to mend,
...let beautiful things reign in your life to blend...
...with successful path until the end. 

~ Hazel Shirley ~

"Change is something that happens from your heart..with in..,

Live life.....or struggle to survive..!!! What is your wise choice..!!!!
You alone can decide...
just take/make time to assume the beauty 
of being alive..!" 

~ Hazel Shirley ~

Drug Abuse & Addiction

Signs, Symptoms, and Help for Drug Problems and Substance Abuse

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