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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Natural sceneries present in the world made by Almighty are wonderful arts.They signify His creativity,interest and knowledge of wisdom. Colorful vegetables,fruits and flowers are wonders of beauty and their benefits are evergreen. ~Hazel Shirley ~

Human being is the most beautiful and intelligent species, that can maintain as well make use of  all these things in manageable way.Humans do need to protect and take considerable care to protect their health and beauty in every possible way with the help of this inspirational nature.To maintain oneself to look beautiful is of course one's own responsibility.

The most common and prevalent word heard these days is stress.humans are interested enough to know the best stress relieving tips to overcome stress.A person after meeting all his primary needs would love to focus on 5 important concepts that would cheer up their lifestyle as well comfort them in living.They are -
1.Concepts relevant to beauty  and steps to enhance it :
Creams and moisturizers formulating ever young code and complexion improvement are almost on craze through out the year.Elegant  make-up too develops one's  confidence,expressiveness and of course enlightens beauty.Awareness to keep skin clean and healthy makes one to enjoy the worth of knowledge.Taking care of skin with admirable products do relieve stress.
2.Hair Style :
It is the important concept that would enrich the look of the person.Strong and silky hair enables one to look confident and elegant.Stylish hair settings enables one to be happy and would always stand ahead to impress people around them.This relieves stress and frames uniqueness, that reflects in their happy faces.
3.Healthy Diet concepts :
Good personality and clear skin is the index of good diet.One need to be more conscious about their diet plan, which most of us neglect to do with insufficient time.Acne problems,black & white heads, warts often disturb one's natural beauty causing stress.Good diet which has all healthy nutrients especially foods, that are rich in antioxidants relieve stress.
4.Regular exercise or  yoga or sports & games :
To maintain ideal weight is the most valuable stress reliever to make oneself happy.People often get disappointed and depressed if they lack proper figure or personality.Ideal weight enriches one's confidence.Therefore, regular exercise helps to maintain ideal weight along with good health, that relieves stress.
5.Planned and designed wardrobe - Dress code :
Managing dress-code is the most identified and unique quality of any individual.Art of respect and part of lifestyle emphasizes one's personality to empower their individuality.The dress-code and the accessories you carry along with your personality signifies your nature and capabilities, that enriches your confidence.Therefore,your wardrobe...of course is one of the best stress reliever,when it is all set to satisfy your lifestyle to build splendid career.

Self-loving...promoting....and enjoyable concepts always relieve stress.Because,self-respect and self-confidence always entrust one to be familiar and friendly to live successfully.
~ Hazel Shirley ~

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