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Sunday, 1 July 2012


Love :
The universal code most wanted emotional need is love and affection. Primarily, every individual carves to meet all his/her primary needs [Food, Shelter, Clothing.] to exist.
When minimum of these requirements are met, then he would emphasize his/her thoughts to satisfy his positive emotional needs . when they are not met to satisfy one, both physically and mentally then comes depression to one's state of mind to diminish in his active participation to build a wonderful career.Negative emotions reign over life and distract many constructive concepts in life. Continuous thinking upon a person or situation over and over again cause immense stress.Simple trails in life seem to be the most complicative ones.

Young people especially teenagers drip down from their life challenging targets with negative emotions.Their attention divert towards self- destruction by getting addicted to several bad habits.Thus,becoming a slave to failures,which is the most undesirable consequence that torture parents .This in turn cause stress in parents heart, that reflect on several health problems due to mental tensions.Therefore,it is always advisable to focus on life,to build successful career.

5 Stress relieving tips to successful teenage :

1.Positive counseling classes with moral values :
It is the most advisable arrangement that respected parents and management of educational institutions should strictly monitor upon,to emphasis on one's personality and character building of the student.Therefore,conducting classes on positive counselling and moral values enrich their individuality.

2.Career building classes :
Choosing interested career with encouragement and support from efficient mentors is always advisable to promote one's career successfully.It enables one to focus on life building concepts and to think broadly to enlight on positive aspects.

3.Healthy interaction :
Character building encourages and develops interaction positively among both the genders.It helps to understand one and another mutually to get along with career building progressive concepts for a bright future.

4.Placement arrangements:
Respective educational institutions should build trust in students.It enables them to develop hope upon the principles of the educational institutions by promoting their sincere efforts for the betterment of the career.Therefore,the student in teenage would also develop responsibility towards family and society as well.

5.Mutual Understanding :
It is the most eventual fact to agree, that no two people in this world are alike by their features or nature.Physical attention do divert one's attention but it might not stand with conformation in future.It is the understanding between two hearts, that do not hinder on any consequence,but always would try to respect one's emotions.It is the everlasting living and loving concept to make happiness reign in their life.

"You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.”

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