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Monday, 2 July 2012


Your children need your presence more than your presents.  ~Jesse Jackson~

Silent lips may avoid many problems but smiling lips will solve many problems.
So, always have  a smile on your face.
Yes,this competitive world kept you on race,
stress may over rule to make your peace.... erase,
happy life you need to live so, do... trace....,
'educating children with good behavior will bring you grace.' ~Hazel Shirley~
Machine is an useful object created by man with his intelligence and hard work.It accepts every instruction with out feelings or pain.
A person is extremely valuable.When constant instructions are given continuously for a period of time,it might over goad on their mental status hurting their positive emotions causing immense stress.This in turn reflects on arousal of negative emotions to ruin peace of mind in the family.
Home work :
It is a pleasant phenomena in learning new concepts to construct life progressively with a homely touch by loving parents,towards their children.
Competitive world has explored today numerous techniques in teaching several concepts to the children right from 12 months or one year old kid.Numerous teaching tools to educate children to develop and learn concepts quickly,easily and happily are available at market.To make a child to complete his/her home work successfully has become a challenging task to parents these days due to lack of time and co-operation between children and parents.Planning with patience sometimes, do work out stress causing situations to over come every trail successfully.  

10 - Stress relieving tips to make children complete their home work :

1.Plan appropriate time for valuable interaction :
Firstly,make appropriate time to create valuable interaction with the child or children to understand each other to support the responsible work.Enable children to express their feelings about their friends,teachers,classes and other aspects they are interested to convey.Plan time schedule and inculcate punctuality with affection,and monitor your availability for guidance.Arrange them clean place with provision of every suitable aspect to relieve from stress.Help child to concentrate by teaching self-discipline with proper training for physical and mental health.

2.To make child understand the worth of homework :
Making children to understand the use of given home work in application level is the  most important concept, than just making them finish their work.Home work is the key concept that can develop children in relaxed atmosphere.Home is the wonderful place to develop (LSRW) learning,speaking,reading,writing skills though school do focus on these concepts.

3.Presence of parents or elders or guide is always important :
Children often get distracted to sit and complete their work at home.Therefore,counsel them priorly the value of time and avail your presence with out any other hindrance.When children lack interest on a particular subject they do try to divert attention of their elders towards different aspects.To divert their parents attention or misguide them, they start complaining about several physical problems.It is always advisable to understand their problem by encouraging them to complete the target to some extent ,relax for a while and to again complete the task.

4.Avail considerable attention :
Children always admire complete attention on them to help them understand their work.Affection and admiration from parents build confidence to complete their home work.Parent should provide there lunch and dinner at similar time every day at school and at home,to help the child to relieve from stress that severely affects when the child is hungry. 

5.Encourage child to ensure their responsibility :
Always encourage children to do their work as their responsibility but never do offer any gifts to encourage them,as it develops a wrong or incorrect indication in completing their tasks.Curiosity to just finish the work to acquire some gift does not meet the necessary discipline of the child.Appreciation itself is a great encouragement and pleasant affectionate words do inspire children very well.

6.Never abuse children :
Never scold,manhandle or use abusive language.Discouraging dialogues,threatening with warnings by the parents will hinder the natural physical and mental ability of the child.This atmosphere at home creates panic to the child,where the child would fetch numerous reasons to avoid home work.
7.Consider on child's age factor :
Kinder garten age is the stage where a child would enjoy creative and interactive teaching to learn any concept.Giving less strain in writing to their tender fingers is always advisable.Primary school children should also be taken care with unique care to write according to their strength and ability.High school students can manage time by planning.

8.Never instruct child to work when tired or sleepy :
Never restrict children to complete homework when they are tired or feel sleepy.It can be considered as inhuman and uncivilized act.It distracts the health of the child creating fear to over rule their sensitive minds with havoc and extreme stress.Making strict rules to construct a disciplinary attitude in children may severely affect on their mind to cause stress.Poor memory is the result in such meaning less consequences.

9.Develop healthy rapport to support children in developing skills:Inculcate joy while writing and learning at home.This not only helps child to enjoy with given work but also develops healthy rapport with the parents.Holidays can also be utilized well by maintaining similar timings to develop reading,writing and listening skills.This in turn manages to avoid skipping time schedule to any miscellaneous work, which promotes recreation to the child by learning new concepts. 

10.Enable child to trust their parents in all respects :
Trust is something very precious that parents should gain from their innocent children with their affection and unconditional love.Children feel safe in affectionate words, that do not hurt their feelings.Therefore,always remember that if education is given to the child to get change in his/her behavior......then let it start from their parents first.As it helps their loving kids to seek their role models straight at home, to reveal their strength to the society with out stress.

When you have brought up kids, there are memories you store directly in your tear ducts.  ~Robert Brault~

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