LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Thursday, 5 July 2012


                                             [ Avoid - JAAFE ]
                                 [Abide with - LA(C3)]
Always Avoid - 
J - Jealousy 
A- Anger
A- Anxiety
F- Fear
E- Ego-centric nature.
ALWAYS......Abide with -
 L- Love
A- Affection 
C- Care
C- Concern 
C- Compromise.

"Beauty of a person isn't real, if its nature doesn't exist to give worth to its deeds.
Deeds of a person isn't real, if its future doesn't exist to give life to people who reads it for survival." ~Hazel Shirley ~
Every thing in this world is made perfect by God.No individual could stop to praise nature's beauty.It teaches to preserve and protect naturality. Nature always reveal its love by presenting it self as pleasant,pleasing,divine and peaceful beauty.
Human beings are the most precious,intelligent,beautiful lives.Youth is an ever green stage.Every age group would love to focus upon this stage.The most beautiful and powerful sentence, that one would appreciate to hear again and again is,'You look so.... young!!.'

1.Face is the index of your Heart :
Face is the index of your heart and feelings, that you keep in your mind.Yes!You can look good and young too,when you avoid focus upon little aspects, that cause stress in your daily life style or schedule.Though one is aware of all these facts in wide aspect,we often forget or neglect simple concepts in busy life schedule.Negative emotions like anger,anxiety,fear,jealousy,ego-centric nature,often make a person rude and irresistible to control one's moods to become stable and stress free.It reflects on face, that no one can deny,that fact or ignore identification.Wrinkles capture to get identified at sensitive places on the face ruining the soft and supple skin.Constant shouting out of anger,irritability,anxiety,depression, continuous worrying upon a issue reflects on the face ruining pleasant looks of the face and skin.Most popular cream would only brighten up the complexion, but the real worth of beauty is self-confident and pleasant looks, that can only be attained with loving,affectionate and accepting heart,that would promote unconditional love with mutual understanding.Peace of mind promotes,happiness in heart ...relieves stress in mind,that in turn reflects on happy face.

2.Abide with affection and appreciation :
Affection builds every broken relationship.Many people avoid to mingle or associate with their loved one's  or friends or family due to certain misunderstandings.Ego-centric nature often creates a gap between two wonderful people.It often destroys good relationships, where many develop mysterious thoughts... hallucinating situations, that doesn't exist which ruins or breaks healthy relationship.This nature in turn causes immense stress.Though one is aware of their misbehaviour, they often neglect to get identified assuming their nature to be unique.It provokes restlessness.Negative emotions engulf to create distance and develop life damaging disturbances.Affection melts the heart of the other.Appreciation wins the attention and concern of others, which relieves one from stress,promoting health and prosperous relationship.Your face glows with health, when your heart and mind is relieved from negative emotions, that cause stress.

3. Exercise everyday and get a pleasant sleep :
Daily work schedule with numerous responsibilities, when mingle around with mental and physical strain cause immense stress, that ruins beauty of the face.Tiredness in the body can easily reflect on the face especially in their eyes,that damages hairs and skin as well.
Regular exercises either yoga or aerobics or any interested out door games with balanced nutritional diet with disciplined time management,would help one to stay strong.One can live with health and of course beautiful and ever young in their mind. Facial and body massage once a month from professional would relax the muscles of the body, that cause stress,which is most preferable after 25 years of one's age. Pleasant sleep would relax one to enrich with ethnic beauty.When disturbances regarding negative emotions disturb mental and physical status of a person it is most advisable to sleep well on good matrix for 6-8 hours.It rejuvenates skin and entire body to glow with beauty and strengthens the entire immunity system of the body. Take care of your beautiful skin and wonderful life with pleasant smile on your loving face.You are wonderful.....human being..!!Just respect your attitude and feelings.

It is no profit to have learned well,if you neglect to do well ~Publilius Syrus~

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