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Friday, 13 July 2012


“A great man is always willing to be little.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hold the facts that can destroy a good relationship.
Never hide the facts that can ruin ones individuality.
Friendship is meant to understand and respect each other with mutual understanding,that doesn't hurt anyone for any reason rather would create hope to enlighten its beauty of togetherness.Humble nature will always bind and build good relationships. ~ Hazel Shirley ~

  Earth has undergone several changes, since its birth.It still holds life successfully,in its loving bosom providing numerous resources to every living being.Humans do get several opportunities in life to become successful and to shine in lime-lite as a celebrity in their respective time.From birth till end of our life we get to meet several people around us.

          We learn from some lives,we teach to some lives,we struggle for few,we may neglect many..., at the end of the day......we respect only what we believe.Therefore,it is always advisable to manage things in an honorable way to get relieved from stress with humble nature.
          When one has intelligent mind to earn name,fame and wealth, it is very worthy concept, that is most appreciable.At the same time when you remember not to neglect or forget your loved ones,family and friends at your success...,it is honorable as well true blessing that would emphasize on stress less happy living, that cheer up your own dignity.

This incident happened to a good friend of mine. She was seriously rejected by her loving friend who was and still is in lime-lite as successful celebrity. Though she too has successful career and settlement in her life a silver lining of status,rejected to recognize and receive good wishes from a friend.This might be a daily routine in their life to get along with thousands of people who come to see them, but for me it is a sincere heart,that was hurt and insulted at the back door of fame.

        Wonderful beings lived in the world and many alive are extremely humble in their presentation though they became world renowned.This in turn emphasize their beauty in presenting oneself with humble nature.Just as our emotions keep on changing on situations if one's life act as two sides of a coin,still remains strong.Therefore,let the character and individuality,restore the quality to stay strong with stress less life....avoiding unpleasant aspects, that do cause stress at both the ends.

Pride ruins pleasantness in face.Humble nature enriches ones beauty to be unique.
Be humble - it does not ruin ...fame; it builds hope in mind,which will be alive all the time.
 ~ Hazel Shirley ~


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