LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


You start a day with hope.....
You want a day with adventure to cope...!
I wish a ray of confidence would make you stand at every slope,
though you left me alone to reach your admirable goal.

You thought of changing people around you,
to make them understand about life, that is in due.
though you struggled around along with your crew,
You still remained unhappy at heart as an uncooked stew.

Name and fame were your attitudes to glow,
my love could only wish success for you to follow.
In craze you always wanted people around your grace,
though you know these wealthy attractions....
....will last no longer, loved to chase.
Ignoring my love keeping me away from your face,
though changes in life trembled me down with stress,
.....leaving my mind with no blank space.
I am still ...Strong enough to remain stable, changed your living place.

Walking lone in a pleasant garden.....
I just began to understand facts to trace.....
Caring Cow would allow to give all her milk,
to make us happy and healthy to win in lives race.
Expecting nothing in return........,
...though its life is at blaze.
Gentle Dolphin would cheer up huge crowd with its mates,
Yet,it could survive only in water....,though its feats do amaze.

Loving Hearts would always await on Light of Hope.....
that would one day brighten up their Soul with out any doubt.
So...I am here waiting for you .....My Beloved..!
Keep these words in your Heart....!!
No far you walk away from my Spirit,
still...I hope to sing aloud in my Soul......
Looking up unto the whispering Heart thus says.....
"Here comes...! My Beloved on pure cloud of Love, drizzle on the rain of Hope."

I treasured in my Spirit though alone........
I shall surely win one day...I do assure this word today,
that only stable mind will last every way.
Because.....I believe in Prayer,as it will  never go astray.

Righteous Heart and Stable mind....always....WIN.~Hazel Shirley~

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