LIFE IS PRECIOUS... Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Friday, 6 July 2012


A friend should be one in whose understanding and virtue we can equally confide, and whose opinion we can value at once for its justness and its sincerity. 
 - Robert Hall -

Friendship is not a big thing.....but its millions of small things in life

Nobody in this world is born perfect to live genuine life until his/her end. Neither a single person is identified in this world nor a single person specified or enrolled to be most honest. Yes! Life is always a combination of good and bad deeds.....where people with more good deeds....are termed as good and bad deeds as bad people. At the end of the day, good person in this respective world would admire to focus doing good to others unconditionally, keeping others unhurt. Because......"Truth hurts but lies destroys faith forever."

1.Truth binds every relationship :
Every individual has his/her own interests, hobbies, and ambitions. One would always plan and design to do the aspects which he/she is interested in most of the time.  A few would be able to sacrifice their ambitions for the sake of their loved ones. Many would get addicted to speaking lies most of the time not to hurt someone or lose the beloved in their life. Ultimately, the truth might not be hidden for a long time though as it has the strength to reveal itself, at its best time.

2.True love accepts honesty and sincerity :
True love always will focus upon affectionate aspects to take care of the loved one, but never on ambitious concepts, that accept materialistic requirements. A tree would accept any unpleasant deed, given by a man to it but it's nature till it ends will be always....delightful to give all the worthy things and beautiful treasures it has to the living creatures. It always loves to construct and protect humans remaining as an excellent true companion all its life.True love too would cherish to forgive lies and build trust to accept the natural behavior of the loved one even though, he /she knows about things that severely hurt their hope and trust.

3.Acceptance from heart
The genuine fact to be accepted by heart is to reveal the truth to their loved ones. It helps to know the real acceptance of a relation. If a relationship is built or being maintained with the combination of both true and false descriptions then, the one who is maintaining such situation is obviously at stress to create a good impression by not only cheating trust worthy people but their own self. Therefore, it is always advisable to share the facts to keep up healthy and progressive relationships for a long time/lifetime. Your lies may help you to keep good friends..... but your truth will reveal...who will stay as your true friends.


Life is a if a wave....

....that runs across the Ocean.
If I am a Fish, that was hit by some huge waves...
...let me learn to live life.

Many waves left me aside discouraging my spiritual strength...
Some waves helped me to swim well...
.......where I developed my heart with good health.

Time has given me friends good and wise...
though I did not expect a thing from both...
Just said to them to remember me hence forth... their life only as a gentle folk.

Think of me as one among their friends...
I am here not to please others but to express my Soul's prayer.
Yes! Truth really hurts but  lies destroy faith forever."
Never betray anyone who trusts you in their life.

Your lies may help you to keep good friends for a while..... 
but your truth will reveal...
who will stay as your true friends for the lifetime....!

                                                                      ~ Hazel Shirley ~

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