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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Parents love their children so much, that they want to give the best to their children.
In want of incredible achievements of praise, name and fame parents often forget to Know the consequences and psychological effects which their children undergo.~Hazel Shirley ~

According to Dr. G .Aruna Mohan, there are two types of parents .They are –

1 .Biological Parents: They give birth to the child but do not perform their responsibilities well.

2. Psychological Parents: They are more considered about the welfare of the child. They provide unconditional love.

3. Accepting Parents: They recognize the feelings of their child, identify their uniqueness and encourage the child .They develop self confidence understanding child’s ability and provide unconditional love.

4. Rejecting Parents: They continuously instruct their child to perform according to parents interest .They does not take time to know about their child’s interest.

5. Ambitious Parents: They put pressure on their children to attain high marks, ranks and excellent performance in everything which is impossible for them .This constant pressure keeps them under stress .They goad the children to the point of literal break down .

6. Over-Identifying Parents: They over-identify with the success or failure of their children and dangerously dispose them towards emotional tensions and break downs .They goad their children to work to the point of complete psychological exhaustion.
Over-stimulation of children may lead to psychological fatigue and break down .Under-stimulation may lead to monotony, boredom and under development of desirable Psychological competencies .Constant threats, failure in examinations, and autocratic controls in their class reduce a child’s resourcefulness and initiative.

Children are invited into their lives by the parents.They have right to meet all the primary needs as well they are honored to receive emotional needs to develop them in all round aspects to build their career successfully.Parents understand them,keeping your self in their place to imagine the situations around.Help them learn good aspects that are unique and applicable in real life for the good of the society well.It helps them to progressively think and follow the advises as well instructions to lead their life.

Children are beautiful,blessed God given gifts.Help,guide,instruct,pat,appreciate,and encourage them as an intelligent mentor and parent.Good words counselled,taught and advised will never go waste.They will prosper at the right time though late.Therefore,relieve your children from stress factors, that are caused by negative emotions.Love them unconditionally as your help them understand the importance in being educated and civilized to win in this world as true asset to ones family and society.

~Stacey Charter quotes ~

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