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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Fear is the most frequently experienced emotion in all individuals including birds and animals .It effects the physical and mental well being .Fears are the basis of mans personality and weaknesses .Common fears are normal and healthy .They protect us from many misfortunes and transgressions .They give us valuable lessons in life .They help us to put forth greater effort .
Fears are part of life ,part of living ,part of learning .It is of course called to be negative emotion that causes stress but that kind of stress makes a man to learn about his efficacy to some extent .Fear of consequences often keeps us from making serious blunders .It keeps us looking for results ,it gives us judgment .Every one is frightened on their first examination ,date ,on getting married on the birth of a child ,on the first venture into a business ,on retiring or on taking any other step where the future is unknown .One of the ways of overcoming fear is with knowledge .The young man who has had healthy companionship with his classmates and neighboring peer group is much less afraid than a shy or lazy boy who was kept isolated .The man who has studied business methods has much less fear than the person who plunges with out knowledge .

All of us have fears. The test of judgment is how we meet these fears. The depth of your fears is a good index of your relationship to yourself –how much you trust your ability to handle the situations in your life. Much has been written about the hectic times in which we live,that it is difficult for anyone to maintain an equilibrium ,and that modern living is a race to determine who will go crazy the fastest .The concept is being overdone .We learn anything a piece at a time .If a person has no social graces ,he should not be plunged into the waldorf for his apprenticeship .He should have learned the beginnings of these habits as a child in his back yard with his little play mates .He learned courtesy there as a matter of kindness .So the time he enters the waldorf ,he has habits that make the experience merely a new use of old skills .

How much fear we have in making new combinations depends upon whether we have been taught to regard new experiences with joy or apprehension .If the former ,then modern living ,hectic as it is ,can be fun with out stress .If the latter ,life in general becomes a nightmare .Fear has then ,become a habit ,a characteristic approach to life .

There are many pathological fears that respond to self-help attempts They need psychiatric help ,like –Demo phobia –fear of crowds ,Homophobia-fear of the sight of blood ,Scopo phobia-fear of being seen ,Xeno phobia-fear of strangers ,Rhadbo phobia-fear of being punished ,Lalophobia –fear or dislike of speaking ,and many others .These morbid fears develop immense stress.


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