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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


To make oneself involved and engaged in any respective work is always healthy to lead a meaningful life. There are numerous jobs and ways to keep oneself busy in this world.
The way to keep one busy depends on their interest but before doing anything encourage yourself to be the earnest, sincere and dedicated one to work with self-respect.People around us may not think the way we think nor share the way we share.
It is where we lack behind as anyone can deceive, neglect, and even cast away. Certain small modifications in the way we think; to strengthen our mental capability to avoid stress in our life are required. Stress conquers the person who wants to spend his time alone. Therefore, even if your thoughts support your life to think the best you can, you may reach the top of the world with happiness.

Tips to enjoy your social life:

1. Life without the love of the loved ones –family, relatives, and friends seem to be miserable when neglected. To avoid stress regarding negligence, it is always good and healthy to share the pain with someone whom you can trust.

2. It is not always the people around who hurt you for your deeds but your own self-conscious mind, makes you think about the painful references. Constant references to negative thoughts and painful situations cause stress, to your mind when you are alone.Therefore avoid to recall them.

3. It is very common in this world to a person who has everything for living complains most of the time about his social group, friends and family members than, the one who do not have necessities. Pride, jealousy, anger are the three qualities, which ruin any person in being honest.

4. Take courage to ask forgiveness if you hurt somebody when you are alone.It is the most appreciable nature of a civilized person, no matter they forgive you or not.You will be relieved out of stress and those who do not accept to forgive you will ultimately face stress at your humble acceptance.

5. When you are alone do not accuse the faults of others who hurt you. Instead, admire at least one quality which you like in them. No body is made perfect. Just ignore the bad memories and comments. It enhances you to maintain, Stress relieved mind.

6. Avoid giving multiple instructions to the person whom you love the most. Everyone has their own will and interests.So, it is always healthy to respect their views unless it is unhealthy to the society. Take time to write In addition, speak alternatively, when you are alone to advise them the best.

 7. Pretension to please someone by making yourself unhappy is the most unfavorable cause to stress.It reflects on your physical activity and activates negative emotions. Always cherish your life with positive attitude.

8. The duck looks smooth and calm on the top of the water, but under that, there is a restless pedaling.Nothing is worth without struggle in the real life. Therefore, you are never alone when you have so much to give to this world. You have many responsibilities to perform. Art of friendship and heart of Forgiveness never keeps you alone.

9. Most of the lonely people are unreasonable in their social expectations. Expect nothing from people and you won‘t be disappointed.Noble people are at human and society service to lead, stress less life.

10.In today’s world, interaction skills are vital for scaling higher in career and Society circles. Pleasing manners with self-respect could make you a Person- Never alone.

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