Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Life’s unfairness is not irrevocable; we can help balance the scales for others, if not always for ourselves.-Hubert Humphrey-

       We are living in two types of world today. First one is the earth where 700 crores of population live and second one is the web world where, 150 crores of people around the world interact for  different reasons.Google.Wikipedia,twitter,you tube,face book and many more….make a part of our live to gain knowledge that is applicable and advisable in real life. Accessing internet for acquiring knowledge regarding required concept is appreciable, efficient and most applicable procedure to gain information and to relieve from stress. But, if you are referring some information just for your entertainment and self-satisfaction it is not bad as long as, you are not hurting some one who is dear and near to you.

           No body can organize, educate and counsel to relieve you from internet addictions that indirectly cause stressing, your life style with numerous physical disturbances as well mental strain unless, you personally accept the default in your time management and perfection in planning.

          Television, mobile and internet…they were luxury then and changed to comfort later and now almost a necessity. It became important, some times emergency to check out whether net connection is good or to keep the data card ready. This is not the trend but the truth, which should be accepted. Every concept is entered and found in net and by searching that particular necessary word; you will get advanced information regarding that topic.

  1. Creativity or creeper of curiosity: Children of this trend are aware of all the concepts available around them. Their interest to learn and knowledge encourage them to use their skills to learn many colorful, creative games that grasp their complete attention. They love to watch cartoons, different stories, movies and of course, children are crazy enough to play different games in it. To access with observation or through experiment is common these days. It relieves stress in them and makes them happy. It is good if they play or watch with the guidance and of their parents to limited time as they learn many aspects through it.
  2. Time management relieves stress: Instructions for their guidance restrictions to maintain discipline at work and to educate them regarding precious time management is the most important concept. This not only relieves stress of the parents but also their study time will not be distracted with proper counseling.
  3. Social networking relieves stress with self-expression: Is it a screen for self-expression or addiction to attraction and compliments….!If net is a place where you choose to be the best one to express your feelings and thoughts with designed and planned concepts and to develop positive attitude is appreciable as long as you do not disturb and maintain time management. It relieves stress in you and helps to think and work for progressive achievements in the future for the society.
  4. Informative concepts relieves stress: If you are all alone and have much time to spend on internet then, choose informative concepts you are interested in and note the contents and link addresses to your future reference that relieves stress to feel that you learnt useful concept to apply its knowledge in your real life. To watch something which might not be advisable to one’s age or spend time on chatting with friends just for fun for longer periods cause stress due to fear of family members as well for ruining time.
  5. Disciplinary life style relieves stress: Surveys had revealed that most of the youth spend time on internet for unnecessary interaction than necessary achievements for their constructive career.Therefore; one should understand the fact to build your knowledge with respect to your disciplinary lifestyle. So that you can perform, your responsibilities and can balance your entertainment that can be shared and enjoyed among your family members and friends. It relieves stress in you, as well builds self- confidence.
  6. Avoid threat of virus relieves stress: People should take this to heart and pay attention to their children what they do on internet and especially to who they talk on internet. Due to insecure internet, browsing your PC can easily be infected with viruses, worms and Trojans with out your knowledge and that can lead to system slow down, freezes and crashes.Also, insecure internet activity can result in revealing your personal information. To get full advanced real time protection for PC and internet activity one should download IE antivirus also.
  7. Essential requirements relieves stress: People around the world who work for living on computer and internet most of the time do know extremely well to access it accordingly and to work with disciplined time management. If they need any suggestion other than its usage is to take their nutritive balanced diet on time and to have pleasant sleep for at least five hours to relieve them from work stress. However, the most happening fact is that they neglect both the essential requirements to complete their assigned projects, successfully on time.
  8. Mans control on machine relieves stress: You can have hundreds of friends on internet (face book, gmail, yahoo, orkut…,) to share, watch and listen. At the end of the day, you should be active and attentive enough to make understanding friends around you to share and help in the hour of need. Natural existence of socialization and friendship with neighbors is almost being neglected or given less time due to virtual attraction of web world friends. The world’s biggest addiction of any human being is, to be fond of compliments and eager to receive them even by ruining precious time.
  9. Good health relieves stress: Continuous long standing work or browsing on computer cause stress. Sitting for longer time cause reduction in metabolic rate and blood pressure, type 2 diabetic problems, severe headache, obesity problem and many more physical and mental disturbances’ may cause stress. Do take time to think, that you are living being with very intelligent mind. Let, not the concepts of the man made machine take control of you but you take control of it, to use it only for your constructive purpose that relieves you from stress.
  10. Self-satisfaction relieves stress: If you are addicted to internet and want to help yourself to relieve from it and use it for your constructive career you should not be disappointed or discouraged if you loose better things in life. Expect that you lost the better ones, only to get the best things ahead in your life to prosper with no regrets left behind. Therefore, cheer up, and strive hard in your life with self-efficiency and self-satisfaction that gives you peace of mind.                         


  1. Absolutely nice one... We are living two lives, Real and Virtual... unfortunately, later dominates the former affecting us in numerous negative ways but subtle enough that we never notice them. I urge my friends to read this and ponder upon their "Virtual Life".
    Can we expect something exclusively on "Social Networking and Stress Relief" :)