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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


As a general rule,the most successful man in life is the man
who has the best  information. 
                                          - Benjamin Disraeli -

ANGER : A strong feeling against someone who has
behaved badly,making you want to shout at them or
hurt them.

1.Be slow of tongue and concerned to hear :
    Anger is a common negative emotion that can ruin your physical
    and mental health extremely bad.There might be several genuine
    reasons behind,to expose  oneself to anger.But it should not 
    exceed  to harm anyone or create panic by any disastrous act.
    No one in this world is born perfect or can lead life with out 
    single mistake.Do admit this one fact in your mind. As one 
    accepts this truth,it is advisable to give a chance to hear about
    the circumstances and be slow of tongue when you react to lead
    stress less life.Positive thinking and proper counselling helps one
    to overcome from every situation.Sometimes, deeds might not help
    one to get transformed as repeated words do.

2.Avoid hallucination and frustration :
   These are the two common reasons behind uncontrolable anger.
    Sometimes,one may not exonerate but embittered instantly...
    which would cause stress to reign in their life.To learn the best
    information to live with good understanding is to analyse ones 
    own nature with positive acceptance and counselling.Children
    often imitate as well follow their parents as their role model.
    It is a known fact that words and fight of parents or elders do 
    create great impact on their life.To get transformed from harsh
    behavior and to lead dignified life is appreciable.

3.Maintain Self-discipline in time management and regular exercises : 
   The most prevalent stress factor where many fail to mange these days
    is time management.People are bound to accept and complete many
    tasks in short period of time.Human wants and necessities are not
    met. Restlessness irritates oneself and bursts out in the form of
    anger for no reason driving others to panic at their nature.
    It does reflect badly on physical and mental health too.
             Therefore,be intelligent enough to plan accordingly,to meet 
    all needs successfully to lead a stress less - healthy life.Maintain
    self-discipline to spend time for regular exercise,which relieves you 
    from stress factors and gives pleasant sleep.

  Always remember........
                             "What we seek we shall find;
                             what we flee from flees from us." -R.W.Emerson-


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